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    Expired on: Thu, May 31st, 2012
    3 x $4.00 covergirl coupons exp June 30
    $10.00 Similac formula
    $10.00 Similac mom

    Looking for wishlist coupons. Also have lots of other great coupons on my trade list if you're looking for a bigger trade.

    FPC superbowl promo (any except twistos)
    FPC share your breakfast items (any but silk)
    FPC M&M’s or smarties
    FPC Yogurt
    FPC juice
    FPC Orville popcorn
    Kelloggs share your breakfast pins
    $5.00 Ice cream (rrlf chapmans!)
    $5.00 Skinny cow
    Unused spin u win codes
    $2.50 Special K granola
    B1G1 Schneiders
    $2.00 Kashi cinnamon crisp cereal
    B1G1 2L Pepsi
    $1.00/$1.50 Fresh chicken
    $4.00 wub2 snack pack chocolate bars
    B1G1 Olivieri
    Dare call-ins
    Congra-agri call-ins
    Campbells call-ins
    General Mills call-ins
    Aveeno call-ins (2013 only please)
    $2.00 Highliner good on any kind
    $0.75 Skippy PB, good on any kind (not naturals)
    $2.00 Fresh fruit wub2 snack pack pudding
    $2.00 wub2 Christie products
    $2.00 All Bran cereal 2013 expiry
    $3.50 Sunlight pacs
    Mott’s fruitsations
    Premium plus crackers
    $0.75 fresh produce
    $1.00 Tostitos artisan tortilla chips
    $1.00 Tostitos salsa
    Dole canned fruit
    $1.50/$2.00 wub2 Dare
    $2.00 Filippo Berio olive oil
    Rogers flour peelie
    $2.00 High Liner pan sear selects
    Tuna (regular, not flavored or kits)
    Lindt chocolate
    $1.00 Nestle pure-life 24 pack water
    $2.00 Cottonelle
    $2.00 Quantum finish exp Dec 31
    Sunrype juice
    Oasis juice boxes or refrigerated cartons 1.75L
    $0.50 Nivea lip care
    Marc Angelo
    Cream of wheat
    Hersheys chipits
    $2.00+ Pampers easy-ups 2013 expiry
    Renees dressing
    Coffee mate liquid
    Heinz products
    $0.75+ regular block cheese with Dec 31 or later expiry
    $2.00 Old spice deoderant/body wash (good on one)
    $5 wub3 Gillette
    Quaker granola bars
    Fresh express salad
    $1.00 Catelli smart pasta (websaver)
    Eggo waffles
    Green giant frozen veggies
    Garnier ultra-lift (not fructis – one is hair product, one is skin care!)
    B1G1 Sunlight dish soap
    Delissio pizza
    $1.00 Always pads (radiant ok) 2013 expiry
    $3.00 wub2 Always radiant products
    $1.00 Always pantiliners 2013 expiry
    Garnier BB cream from Elle magazine (not mail-out)
    $2.00 Flinstone vitamins exp Sep 2013
    Maple leaf top dogs
    $1.00 wub2 Schneiders products (websaver)
    Brookside chocolate
    $1.00 wub3 Jello powder
    $1.00 Olymel smart nature deli meat
    Hellman’s mayo
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