Does anyone out there have French's Mustard coupons. Normal mustard, not the specialty kinds.

I need some quick please.

Here is what i have to trade:

I may have what you are looking for in my personal stash of coupons if you don't see it here.

Always have multiples of the latest Redplum. SmartSource and P &G inserts



Almond Fresh 1.89l .75 30JUN12
Bicks $1 WUB2 any 31DEC12
Bicks Relish .50 31DEC12
Black Diamond Cheestrings/Funcheese .75 31DEC12
Blue Water on any 240g or higher $1
Cheese Makers 250g .75 30JUN12
Dempsters Original Hot Dog and Hamburg Buns .50
Hagan Daaz $3 WUB2
Highliner Signature 680g $1 31MAY12
Janes on any chicken product $1 15JUL12
Kashi Crackers .50 30JUN12
Kellogs Cracker Chips .50 31MAR13
Kotex $1.50 WUB2 01JUN13
Kraft Macaroni Pasta Salad .30 WUB2 31DEC13
Melitta $1 31DEC12
Melitta Filters .75 31DEC12
Minute Rice Ready to Serve Cups .50 30JUN12
Naturegg Omega 3 eggs .50 30JUN12
NutriGrain Superfruit Flavours .50 30SEP12
Oasis Health Break .75 31DEC12
Oasis Smoothie .75 31DEC12
Post Great Grains $1 31MAY12
Saputo Mozzarellissima .75 30JUN12
Stagg Chili .50 31OCT12
Twinnings Tea.75 30JUN12
Uncle Bens Bistro Express .75 31MAY12
Van Houtte $2 31JUL12
VH Sauces Thai and Indian Market 31MAY12
Wheat Thins/Munchables .75 31AUG12


Cold FX $2 31DEC12
Elastoplast $1 31MAY13
Neo Citran syrup $3 30JUN12
Zantac $3 31JUL2013


Dove Men Body/Face Wash $1 30JUN12
Dove $2 WUB2
Lever 2000 4pk bar or body wash $1 31MAY2012
Loreal Paris Epertise $2 17OCT12
Marcelle makeup remover or mascara $2 31JUL12
Nexxus $3 30SEP12
Sensodyne ProNamel $1 30JUN12
Sensodyne ProNamel iso-active $1 31SEP12
Simple (face products) $2 or $5WUB2 31DEC12
Tresemme Split Remedy $1 26SEP12


Kibbles 'n Bits Bistro Meals $1 03DEC12
Meow Mix Get a free single cup WUB a bag 17DEC12
Pedigree dry dog food $3
Pedigree Snacks or Treats $2
Purina SmartBlend $3 30SEP12