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    hello dear couponers,

    Sorry if I didn't post on the right section ..

    My sobeys has a BOGO sale for the palmolive dish detergent @ 2.99 .. can someone help me to understand how many coupons I'm able to use?

    I have seen ppl that is using 2 coupons for it but at sobeys we are actually getting 1 FREE so I always thought I can only use 1 to the one that I was actually buying ...

    Sobeys does take the full price of the product when is free NOT like shoppers on their BOGO sales that they enter each item @ 50% off ..

    thanks !!!
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    Happy Shopping !!

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    I always am able to use 2 coupons when it is BOGO. I have even had the cashier call the office and double-check. It has never been a problem. And this is the wrong forum to ask questions, but the mods will move it for you!!

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