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Thread: 100+ of the same coupons

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    I grab coupons, not tonnes but probably about 15 of each.....and I use what I need ....then I coupon fairy the rest in the stores that usually don't have coupons.(Walmart/London drugs) At the end of every shop we take the ones we aren't going to use and put them in on the shelves...I like to put them in the little plastic price holder so they stick right out. It's my feel good moment. My daughter and I do it together. It's fun! We get weird looks....and it kinda nice to look back and see the people who had been eyeing you as strange...realize what your doing and looked shocked. I love being able to give older people a coupon on the stuff the need. So yes, I take more than 2-3 coupons, and so what of it! At least I know what I'm going to do with it and use it, not just hoard it in my binder and deny others the chance of using it. Also, I truly believe that you have to work for what you get. If you are out in the stores, two the three times a week, you will find the coupons! Expecting everything to be there for you everytime you want it...isn't going to happen. It is not your RIGHT to have every coupon out there, it's a privilege. You win some lose some. Take joy in the ones you WIN! Your life will be happier.

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    Our MJ Shopper's doesn't have the Zantac coupon & I went to 2 in Regina last night before I found 2 almost full tear pads out. I set a record for the # of coupons I took when I took 14 but they're good until next July & between my ulcer & my hubby's heartburn we go through at least 1 big box a month so I know they will all be used.
    Also anyone taking the whole tear pads to get a few cents overage at Walmart clearly isn't reading "one per PERSON" on the back...or they are & they're going to abuse the coupon because they don't care
    I am currently looking for coupons for non parishable foods or grocery coupons good until December to help with Christmas food helpers.
    If you have any to trade please PM me.

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