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    I went to London Drugs Yesterday to encounter what seems like new policy about printables. I was doing an Advil Night 40's stack using 5 coupons (1 tearpad, 1 clipped from a magazine, and 3 different printables) and told that there was a maximum of $3 for all printable coupons used in a transaction, resulting in my stack turning into a 3 coupon stack. It has been almost 9 months since I did a London Drugs shop. As far as I knew they allow a maximum value of $3 on a printable, but you could use as many as you wanted that had different UPC's. I can't find any info on such changes, did I miss something?
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    As far as I am aware it is that they will only accept printables up to $3. I haven't heard anything about only 1 printable in a stack. I don't use a lot of printables though.
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    That has always been policy, $3 printable is the max a store accepts as a rule without manager consent. If the manager OKs it, they're allowed to do higher values.

    What I suspect is that there may have been a lot of fraud and photcopying going on at your store, so they put a stopper on it in the form of only allowing a small $ amount of printables per transaction. Printables are easy to photocopy, but most people will catch on quickly if you photocopy a tear pad or insert.

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