Hi all

Here is my wishlist. If you have anything and would be willing to trade, please let me know.

My trade list can be found under the About Me section on my profile.


Enfamil tub or can (save.ca)
Gerber Food (not $5.00 drinks)
Q Tips
Keri Lotion
Garnier $5.00 WUB 3
Activia $1.00 + (good on 12 x 100g) (expiries must be later than June 2012)
Cashmere Toilet Paper
Kraft Peanut Butter
Some coupons from Bounty/Charmin packages (Pampers, etc)
Johnson & Johnson on many products
Johnsonville Sausages (must be good on Mild Italian)
Cracker Barrel (must be good on snack size)
Any Shredded Cheese $1.00+
Nutri-Grain Bars ($1.00 +) (after July expiry)
Glad Compostables
Olymel Chicken (2013 expiry)
$5.00 Any Maple Leaf
Natural Selections Meat
Fresh Produce
General Mills
Any Milk (must be good on 1% 4L)
Bits n Bites
Nature Valley Bars
Baby Dove
FPC Tide
Ziploc Bags
Block Cheese
Fresh Chicken
English Muffins (must be good on whole wheat)
Kelloggs Cereal
Most FPCs
Gift Cards
Canadian Tire Money
SDM Points

Also interested in:
All Bran Cereal
Bounty, Charmin, Puffs ($6.00 wub 3)
Green Works (good on dish soap)

Many other coupons! Let's talk!