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    Expired on: Wed, Aug 22nd, 2012
    I have the following up for trade, looking for wishlist items in return.

    $1.00 Danino on the purchase of a 6x60g pack of Danino yogurt
    exp. Dec. 31, 2012 UPC 29505858

    .50 Sun.maid raisin bread
    exp. Aug. 31, 2012 UPC 12521034

    B3G$3 Kraft Food ONLY GOOD AT SOBEYS exp Jun 30th, 2012
    participating products: kraft singles cheese slice 500g
    cheez whiz cheese spread 500g
    Philadelphia Cream cheese 150-400g
    Philadelphia Cooking Cream Cheese Product 270g
    Cracker Barrel cheese 200g
    kraft 100% grated Parmasean cheese 200g
    Philadelphia dips 227g
    Velveeta cheese product 450g
    cracker barrel cheese 500g
    kraft 100% Grated parmesan cheese 140g

    jasperandchar's wishlist

    1.00 General Mills Peelie
    b4 old dutch and get mm's

    $2.00 wub4 kraft

    $2 wub 2 Christie Products (115-550g) Dec 31/12

    $2.00 off one bag of old dutch chips

    $1.00 old dutch chips (good on one)
    2.00 Kelloggs Peelie

    $1 White Swan

    1.00 Any Astro Peelie or Any Other Source

    Share Your Breakfast PIN

    FPC free M&M's or Maltesers product 32g-49g (

    FPC Coke (good on cans) or 2L but not when you buy ...

    $2 or more on any Kellogs product

    .50 Topdogs

    Schneiders Red Hots (hot dogs)

    $1 White Swan

    $4.00 Snack Size Choclate Bars (bear paws box)

    Pop **especially Coke

    Royale $3.00 Any Kind

    Black Diamond Cheese $3 wub 2

    Christie Products $2 wub 2

    Campbell's Mail Out $1+ Hershey $1

    Cheemo Perogies NED

    FB OFFER Bogo Shnieders

    Congra Foods Call in

    $1 Campbells (red coupon, valid on Goldfish, Bisto, Pace, etc.)

    Save .75 on any 1 variety of Premium Plus Crackers (450g); Expires December 31, 2012; UPC# 05533653

    -Save .75 on any 1 variety of Oreo Cookies (300-550g); Expires December 31, 2012; UPC# 05533640

    -Save .75 on any 1 variety of Chips Ahoy! or Chunks Ahoy! Cookies (280g-350g); Expires
    December 31, 2012; UPC# 05533624

    General Mills $1+

    Post Cereal (good on any kind)

    Purex ($2+)

    Toaster Strudels

    Pepsi $1.00 WUB2, $2.00 WUB2 or BOGO

    Royale $3.00 Any Kind

    Janes 1kg box $2.00 exp Dec 2012

    Astro Zero (multiples ok)

    Dempsters Bagels $1.00 (September +)

    VH Steamers $1.50 WUB1 (multiples ok)

    Sunny D juice

    Deep Woods/Off bug spray (don't know if they exist)

    FPC pop coupons (coke / pepsi (2 litre or 6x591ml)

    $1.00 Gay Lea Spreadable (Dec. or later)

    Nestle icecream treats

    $1 off 6 X 710ml bottles or 12 X 355ml
    cans Canada Dry or C Plus, 12808319, exp Dec 31/12.

    Mountain Dew ones...$1 off 2 X 2L bottles, 6 X 710ml bottles or 12 X 355ml cans,
    UPC 08530279, exp Oct 31/12

    Mr. Christie Cookies

    jello= $1wub (2) refrigerated Jell-o pudding, gel or mousse products, 05532618, Dec 31,2012

    jello facebook offer

    piller's lunch meat (july or later)

    Post, $0.75 on any box of POST cereal except family and jumbo size, 26003418, Dec 31,2012

    FPC one free BioBest Probiotic Yougurt Product (from 100 days to win contest on facebook

    VH stemers B1G1 ( or

    $1.50 Sunny D

    $1 Ziplocs WUB1

    Deep Woods/Off bug spray (tare pad only)

    Ice Cream (ONLY nestle, breyers, chapmans)

    Smart Foods Popcorn (B2G$2.00 off)

    Heinz Ketchup (ya right)

    $1.50 off fresh chicken (from ziploc)

    $1.00 off fresh chicken (from ziploc)

    .75 fruits/veggies (from ziploc)

    (not staxs or popchips)

    FPC pop coupons NOT WUB (coke / pepsi (2 litre or 6x591ml)

    refrigerated jello cups (JELLO brand)

    Glad "black" garbage bags (not self printed)

    Maple Leaf hot dogs (nothing fancy...not naturals, etc) real old fashioned hotdog from

    Schneider's hot dogs (not naturals) from

    Astro zero yogurt (not tub) September +

    McCain Reg. Fries (not sweet patato)

    McCain Pizza (self printed)

    Hellmann’s Real Mayo

    Nestle ice cream treats

    1.50 wub2 Aero bubbles Dec. 31, 2012 UPC 10034196 or other UPCs is fine

    FPC free M&M's or Maltesers product 32g-49g (

    BlueWater, $1 on any BlueWater Frozen Seafood Item, 76405176, Dec 31, 2013 RRLF

    Johnsonville Sausages (normal sausage not breakfast or cheddar)

    Dofino, save 0.75$ any Dofino (July +) will take doubles

    Highliner, $1 off any Highliner product 215-700g, 12605214, Mar 31, 2013 RRLF

    Janes, save 2$ off one box of any (1kg or smaller)
    variety from Janes family products, upc?, dec 31, 2013

    jello coupons (if other than stated please email me, thanks)

    piller's lunch meat (july or later)

    Purex, $1 any Purex Liquid Laundry Detergent, 30125490, Dec 31, 2012

    Kraft Peanut Butter

    VH $1.50 on any VH Steamers product, 44406149, Sept 1,2012

    VH stemers B1G1 ( or

    $1.50 Sunny D

    $1 Dempsters Bagel (July +)

    $1 Ziplocs WUB1

    $1 off any Gay Lea, Nordica, Lacteeze or Ivanhoe product, expiring Dec.31 '13 UPC 02707310

    $1 off Lactantia Milk 4L or 2x2L exp. Dec, 2012 UPC13611529 (1 per rider)

    Peelie Save .50 on any Old El Paso Kit Exp July 31/12 UPC:76142938

    .50 Maple leaf top dogs exp. March 31, 2013 from booklet

    $0.75 Sealtest Sour Cream, 500ml, or Cottage Cheese, 500g, any (80105103, Dec 31 12).

    Pepsi-Co, Buy (1) 2L Pepsi Max soft drink & get (1) 2L Pepsi Max Free, 84211532,
    Dec 31, 2012 (from 24 cans pkg)

    Pepsi-Co, Buy (1) 2L Mountain Dew or Diet Mountain Dew soft drink & get (1) Free (max value $2.79), 84211558, Dec 31,2012

    Pepsi-Co, $1 on Twistos Baked Snack Bites 150g, 23312526 (max value $2.79), Dec 31,2012

    Jello $1.00WUB2 Refridgerated Pudding, Gel or Mousse Snacks upc 05533956 ex.12/31/12

    -VH Steamers .75 upc 44406729 ex.12/31/12

    -$3.00 aerosol any raid exp. Oct. 2012 UPC 33688956 (1 per rider)

    - 50 coke (12 pkg) exp. Dec. 2012 UPC 28576929004

    .75 fresh product for ziploc

    FPC Chocolate (not smarties please)

    FPC Oasis Juice

    FPC Kraft (good on ANY)

    FPC Yogurt

    FPC Dove

    FPC Kellogg's

    FPC Glad Garbage Bags

    FPC Quaker Chewy Granola Bars (not Café Squares)

    Glad Outdoor Garbage Bags (the black ones)

    FPC Old Dutch Chips

    $1.00 old dutch chips

    Old dutch chips (buy 4 get free m&m's0

    .75 crispers

    kraft buy 3 get $3.00

    WE spend alot of time outside during the summer so quick and simple meals are awesome, we don't have hydro at the cottage so much be cooked on the BBQ - BBQ items are awesome...
    no need for BBQ sauce at this time.
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    2019 is the year that we continue to save before we buy!!!

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