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    Expired on: Fri, Jun 22nd, 2012
    Auction is closed - Will make a decision and let everyone know one way or another by 10:30 pm (EST). Thanks!!!!

    I am hosting a gift card auction in order to hopefully get my hands on some of our most desired coupons. Our stockpile is looking great at the moment but we are looking to fill in the gaps to help us through the upcoming months. Winner of the auction will receive a $15 gift card to Walmart. I reserve the right to end auction early or decline bids should I see fit. I will update bids as quicky as possible. Will not necessarily choose the highest bid but the one that is most suitable to our needs at the moment. Please indicate expiry dates when replying No printable, french or store specific coupons! Auction ends Friday, June 22 @ 9 pm (EST). Thanks for looking and good luck! This is a quick closing auction as I would like to receive my end of the trade asap. I will put winners gift card in the mail first thing Saturday morning!


    B1G1 sunlight dishsoap
    FPC sunlight
    $0.75 fresh produce from ziploc
    $1.50 fresh chicken from ziploc
    SYB pins - breakfast pins
    $1 lactancia 4L milk - late expiry
    $2 delissio thin crust pizza - Dec 31/12
    $2 delissio rising crust pizza - Dec 31/12
    FPC M & M's
    $0.75 any post cereal - Dec 31/12
    $1 WUB2 minute maid frozen juice - Sept 30/12
    Pins for flip flops from nature valley
    $0.75 pizza pops - nature valley (general mills products)
    FPC chips (not WUB)
    FPC pop (not WUB)
    $3 nighttime advil - good on any size - late expiry
    FPC fibre one brownies
    $3 WUB3 greenworks
    $1.00 any greenworks (limit 10)
    $2 resolve - good on any - Sept expiry or later
    $1 lactantia butter - late expiry
    $1 frosted flakes
    $3 bread WUB ziploc
    B1G1 lysol toilet bowl cleaner (just the normal toilet bowl cleaner bottles not WUB something else)
    FPC smarties
    FPC wonderbread
    FPC bananas
    FPC eggos
    FPC powerade zero
    $0.75 black diamond cheese bars - late expiry (limit 8)
    $2 fresh fruit WUB hunts pudding (limit 10)
    $1 fruit loops
    FPC oasis
    FPC yogurt
    BOGO Mountain Dew 2L - late expiry
    FPC quaker chewy bars (not cafe squares)
    J & J call-ins
    RRLF the ones for listerine and ob/stayfree
    $ 5 chapmans
    unused p-stamps
    B1G1 gillette 2013 expiry (limit 4)
    $1 crispers
    $1 WUB2 wonderbread
    $2 good any size/product janes chicken - late expiry (limit 4)
    $ 6 liquid gel advil
    $5/$6 children advil - late expiry
    $ 2 any high liner #12605175 expiry Dec 31/12 RRLF

    pretty much any call in or FPC is probably fine as long as it is not baby, pet, smellie or protein bars

    Offers Received to Date - No particular order:

    Offer # 1

    - 1 x FPC Fibre 1 Brownies, Nature Valley Granola Thins or Fibre 1 Calorie Choclate Caramel Pretzel (July 24/12 only)
    - 1 x FPC Asana Yogourt (July 31/12)
    - 1 x FPC Pure Protein Bar (July 31/12)
    - 2 x FPC CheeCha Puffs (Dec 31/12)
    - 1 x FPC Oasis Juice, Refridgerated (Aug 31/12)
    - 2 x BOGO Sunlight Hand Dishwashing Liquid (Dec 31/12)
    - 1 x BOGO 2L Mountain Dew (Dec 31/12)
    - 1 x $2 Resolve Product (Sept 30/12)

    Offer # 2

    27x fpc pure protein bars
    $3 nighttime advil - good on any size expires 31/05/13
    $2 resolve - good on any - expire 30/09/12
    1x fpc glade expressions mist starter kit exp 19/07/12
    $1 lactantia butter expire 31/12/12
    3x fpc hamburger98pack) buns wub any 4 campbells products(includes soup,v8,goldfish cracker or pace salsa)expire 31/08/1
    1x $1.50 any Black diamond shredded cheese exp 31/12/12
    1x $1 any High liner 215g-700 g product exp 31/12/12

    Offer # 3

    4X $2 J&J Carefree call in coupon
    1X FPC fibre one brownies
    50X $2 old dutch potato chips
    1X $1 WUB2 wonderbread

    Offer # 4

    4x MIR for FREE 135 4x6 prints (wub4 Campino/Werthers)
    2x 1.00 fresh chicken
    10x 3.00 advil nighttime
    10x 2.00 resolve
    8x .75 bd cheese
    30x fpc pure protein bar
    1x 4.00 children's advil
    1x 3.00 children's advil
    8x fpc hamburger buns wub4 campbells
    1x fpc glade expressions mist
    1x Kellogg's Share Your Breakfast pin
    1x fpc silk almond milk[/QUOTE

    Offer # 5

    2xFPC fibre one brownies
    2xFPC Activia Yogourt (Sep 15/12)
    2xB1G1 schneiders grill'ems
    2x$5 children advil - 2013
    10x$1 off WUB1 Green Works, excluding GW Laundry Detergent (exp. Dec.31 '12)

    Offer # 6

    2 X FPC Liberte yogurt
    2 X FPC Great Grains cereal 385 – 453g
    1 X FPC New Glade Expressions Fragrance Mist starter kit
    1 X FPC CheeCha Puffs
    1 X FPC fibre one brownies (July 24/12 only)
    1 X FPC M&M or Maltesers (32-49g)
    4 X B1G1 schneiders grill'ems
    6 X $2 ob/stayfree J & J call-ins
    1 X $5 children advil - late expiry

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    Frosh Canuck
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    Ending tonight. Offers received to date have been listed .. not in any particular order. Will determine best/highest offer after 9 pm tonight.n Thank you so much for those received so far

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