So, I am new to coupon trading on here. Ive done it a couple times through kijiji, but decided to go formal.
I am really just looking for some good Pampers Diapers coupons and Huggies Wipes Coupons. I have a very large collection of baby coupons to trade that I do no need. And if you are looking for other kinds of coupons I have them aswell. I have a lot of bonus coupons that I like to throw in to my "lots" as well, so if you tell me if your pregnant or have a child in a certain age group it would be helpful for me to choose what coupons to throw in.

Feeding Coupons:
2- $1 Off Born Free Twin Pack Bottles (No Exp.)
7- $1 Off Playtex Drop-in Liners (1- Exp. Dec.31/12 6-Exp.June.30/13)
1- $2 Off Playtex Drop-ins System (Exp.Dec.31/12)

Food Coupons:
3- $3 Off PediaSure (Exp.Feb.28/13)
1- $5 Off PediaSure Exp.Aug.31/12)
1- $1.50 Off any 8 Heinz Jars or pouches (Exp.Sept.30/13)
1- $2 Off any Mother Hen Purees (Exp.Dec.31/12)

Prenatal Coupons:
1- $15 Off Thyme WUB $100 (Exp.Dec.31/12)
1- $2 Off Natures Bounty Prental Vitamins (Exp.Dec.31/13)
1- $10 Off Similac Mom 6 Pack (Exp.Dec.10/12)

Health Coupons:
1- $3 Off Any Hydrasense Product (Exp.Dec.31/12)
1-$1 Off Orajel Teething Product (exp.Sept.30/13)
1- $1 off Pediatric Electrolyte (Exp.Dec.31/13)
1- $2 off Disneys Vitamins (Exp. Sept.30/13)

Other Coupons:
12- $1 Off Live Clean Baby Product (No Exp.)
12- $2.50 Off 2 Live Clean Baby Products (No Exp.)
1- $2 Off any Green Sprouts Purchase (Exp.Dec.31/13)
1- $1 Off Dreft Detergent (Exp.June.30/14)
1- $2 Off Pampers Swaddlers Box and Wipes (Exp.June.30/14)
1- $5 Off Playtex Diaper Genie II Elite(Exp.Dec.31/12)

If you have need any formula coupons I have a bunch, but I will only trade them for a super good Pampers deal. If you have this, let me know what kind of formula coupon you are looking for (Similac, Isomil, Enfamil or Nestle).