I was the big city today and figure I would track down a Vietnamese restaurant. Back in Vancouver they're everywhere, but hadn't really found a place for Pho or Parisian coffees in Saskatchewan yet. Well I find some reviews on this place and figure it should be pretty gosh darn good. My opinion changes dramatically when I open the menu and find a diversified asian menu. Kind of a pet peeve of mine is restaurants that try to cover too much (usually badly) and not focus on being amazing at whatever makes them unique. Not only does the menu have too many types of asian foods but it has made it too ummmmm .... non-asian friendly. So the closest I could get to my "pho thai chin", is "pho soup with sliced beef". It's ok I guess. I am just looking for a little flavour to remind me of back home in vancouver, doesn't have to be perfect. My husband who likes chinese and is scared of other flavours is pleased as punch about the diverse menu. SO our food is delivered and I am little disappointed no plate of fresh basil, sprouts and lemon to add to my own soup. The chefs have done it for me.......................ok here is the point I eat crow about all my previous judgements. The food was phenomenal. The chefs clearly have a excellent and profound grasp of the flavours that should be in the food. They realized that putting to many option or ritual to the food could also be intimidating to people who are not accustomed. And to their discretion the add the extra flavourings that the diner would traditional add with instinctual precision. My husband couldn't stop saying "this is the best chinese food I have ever had. I simply cannot remember than anything that is this good, ever". Not only is the food great the prices are between cheap and reasonable. Nothing is terribly expensive of the menu. Someone could easily feed themselves amply and nutritiously and with great flavour for well under $10. We were stuffed, wrapped up our leftovers and ordered some more for tomorrow night.

I know it's funny that my comfort food is world cuisines. I grew up in Vancouver and diverse cultural cuisines are what I grew up with. While there are amazing and fabulous foods that Saskatchewan has to offer, I find it very hard to find the delicious spicy ethnic cuisine like back home in Vancouver. So when I have a serious food jones, it usually is for something like vietnamese, sushi, indian food, thai, mediterian and so on. Anyhow The Spicy Garden really gets 2 x.