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    I am fairly new here but have a bunch of coupons I don't need. Have a wish list but am open to other suggestions. Quite willing to get rid of the ones that expire before July 31 for half the value
    I can't remember where I get them all but the insert ones I have specified.
    PM me if you would like to do a trade.

    Trade list

    FPC free pure protein bar expires July 31/12 x2

    Tresemme spit remedy product $1.00 exp.Sept.26/2012
    Crest 3D White paste 75 cents insert exp.31/7/2012
    Carefree body shape liners $2.00 exp. 31/12/2012
    Simple Products $5.00 WUB 2 exp. 31/12/2012
    L’oreal $2.00 exp. Oct. 17/12
    Biore combination skin or balancing cleanser 200ml $2.00 exp. 31/12/2012
    Clean & Clear Morning Burst Body Wash printout 31/12/2012
    Clean & Clear Morning Burst Body Wash exp. 31/12/2012
    Bare Foot product 75 cents exp. 31/12/2012
    Dove Body Wash $1.00 exp. 31/12/2012
    Nivea shower product OR Nivea bar soap $1.00 exp. 31/12/2012
    Garnier Skin Renew product $3.00 exp. 31/12/2012
    Dove Invisible Solid 74g anti-perspirant Save $2.00 WUB 2 exp. Sept.31/12
    Superior Preference $2.00 off any box insert exp. 31/12/2012
    Sublime Mousse Formula $4.00 insert off exp. Aug. 31/12
    Nice N Easy $3.00 WUB 2 boxes insert exp. July 31/12
    Nice N Easy Foam Hair Colour Product $1.00 any box exp. Insert July 31/12
    Advil Muscle & Joint save $3.00 exp.31/1/13
    Advil nighttime 20s or 40s save $3 exp.nov.31/12 or save $4 exp. dec.31/12
    Centrum Men & Woman Save $3.00 exp.31/11/12
    Tylenol Arthritis Pain save $3.00 exp. 31/7/12
    Advil Nightime $3.00 exp.30/11/12
    Lady Speed Stick Fresh Infusions 65g $1.00 insert oct. 31/12
    Biotrue 300ml multi-purpose solution $5 insert nov.30/12
    elastoplast save $1insert dec.31/12
    Orajel toothpaste save $1 insert exp.jan 31/13
    Spinbrush kids battery toothbrush save $1 insert exp. Jan.31/12
    Dove men+care products save $2 WUB 2 exp. sept. 30/12
    breathe right 26 nasal strips save $2 exp. mar.31/13

    Beneful-buy one bag of Purina Beneful Dry Dog Food and get one tub of Purina Beneful Prepared Meals Free insert Exp. Nov. 30/12
    Purina Beneful Snackin Slices Dog Snacks $1.00 insert exp. Nov.31/12
    Cesar Dry Food for small dogs 1.6 of 3kg. $2.00 insert exp. 31/7/12
    Pedigree dry good for dogs any size/variety $3.00 insert exp.31/12/12
    Pedigree Snacks or treats for dogs WUB2 save $2.00 insert exp. 31/8/12
    Pedigree dry food for dogs Save $3.00 any size/variety insert exp.31/8/12
    Pedigree wet variety 6 cans dog food save $2expires dec.31/12
    Purina ONE Premium Dog Food Save $2.50 2.7kg or larger insert exp.Sept.31/12
    Iams dry dog food 3.5 lbs or larger $3.00 insert exp.31/7/12
    friskies buy 10 wet indoor cans save 75 cents insert expires dec. 31/12
    friskies any indoor product save 50 cents expires dec.31/12

    Astro BioBest Maxiummunite 8x94ml $1.00 exp.31/12/2012
    Astro BioBest Smoothie 4x200ml $1.00 exp. 31/12/2012
    Source 16x100b or 650g gocoupons exp. Aug.31/12
    Kraft singles white cheddar cheese slices only 500g. exp. July 22/12
    Asana 3x more calcium 50 cents go coupons exp. July 31/12

    asana 3x more calcium $1.00 go coupons exp. sept.1/12
    yoplait yogurt 50 cents exp. oct. 31/12

    Melitta filter any size 75 cents exp.31/12/2012
    Melitta Coffee $1.00 exp.31/12/12
    Motts Garden Coctail 1.89L, 6x240ml or 6x162ml 75 cents exp.31/12/2012
    Van Houtte $2.00 exp. Aug.31/12
    Van Houtte save $2 exp. dec.31/12
    Lipton Tea $1.00 any product exp.31/12/2012
    V8 vegetable cocktail 1.89L sve $1 insert exp. dec.31/12

    Hormel Compleats $1.00 exp. Aug.31/12
    Healthy Choice Gourmet Steamers 75 cents exp. 31/12/12
    Weetabix 400g $2.00 insert exp. Aug.31/12
    VH Indian Market Sauce 341 ml. WUB2 Save $2.50 insert Exp. Sept.30/12
    VH Indian Market Sauce 341ml any one Save $1.00 insert exp. Sept.31/12
    Bush’s Honey Baked Beans 50 cents insert exp. 31/7/12
    Bush’s Baked Beans any size 50 cents insert exp. 31/7/12

    Cinnamon Pops save 50 cents exp.31/12/12
    Alpen Cereal $1.00 insert exp.31/08/12
    Knorr Sidekicks Free WUB3 exp. 31/12/12
    Hormal Real Bacon Bits or Pieces save 50 cents exp.31/10/12
    French's Mustard save 75cents insert exp. oct. 31/12
    Newman's own pasta sauce, salsa or dressing save $1 exp. July 31/12
    Franks redhot sauce 75 cents exp. aug. 31/12
    Franks Redhot sauce save $1 exp. aug.31/12
    goldfish pretzel (227g) or goldfish colours (180g) or V8 fusion smoothie save 50 cents exp. Aug.31/12
    Shirriff cooked pie filling free WUB any 2 shirriff lemon pie filling and/or cooked puddings exp. dec.31/12
    wheat thins six 226g or ritz munchables 200g save 75cebts exp. aug.31/12

    PediaSure Complete 4x235ml pack Save $2.00 go coupons Feb.28/2013
    Pampers diapers or pants and wipes $2.50 insert exp.31/7/12
    Pampers Cruisers diapers Save $4.00 WUB one pampers swaddlers, swaddlers sensitve or baby-dry diapers insert exp.31/7/12

    $5.00 Rubbermaid Reveal Mop insert exp.31/7/2012
    $2.50 Downy unstopables when you buy any one Downy product-insert 31/7/2012
    $1.00 WUB one Tide product insert exp. 31/7/2012
    $5.00 Swiffer WetJet Starter kit insert exp. 31/7/2012
    50 cents any Gain product insert exp. 31/7/2012
    $1.00 Gain Scent Booster insert exp. 31/7/2012
    $2.00 WUB any TWO gain products insert exp. 31/7/2012
    $3.00 WUB any TWO gain products insert exp. 31/7/2012
    $1.50 any cascade action pacs insert exp. 31/7/2012
    $1.00 WUB any TWO Mr. Clean products insert exp. 31/7/2012

    $2.00 Clorox2 stain fighter & colour booster packs inset exp 31/12/2012
    $1.00 Clorox2 Stain Remover Spray insert exp. 31/1/.2012
    $1.00 Clorox2 Stain remover spray insert exp. 31/12/2012
    B1G1 Free Windex Trigger insert exp. 19/11/2012
    Buy one Fantastik Triggers Get I Free Scrubbing Bubbles bathroom Trigger insert exp.19/11/2012
    $2.00 of Finish Quantum insert exp. 31/7/2012
    $1.00 Scrubbing Bubles one Step Toilet Bowl Cleaner Refill insert Exp. 3/8/2012
    $1.00 Fantastik Trigger insert aug.24/12
    $1.00 off any Fantastik product insert exp. Aug.3/12
    $2.00 any afresh cleaning product insert exp 15/7/2012
    $1.00 Fleecy liquid fabric Sofener 1.6L or #l sizes or dry sheets 80 count insert exp. Oct 31/12
    B1G1 free Windex Trigger 765ml insert exp. 21/7/2012
    Royale dinner napkins $1. expiry Dec.31/12
    Royale paper towels 75 cents expiry December 31/12
    Febreze-buy any two febreze 500ml fabric refreshers and get one frebreze air effects free insert exp. 31/7/2012
    Febreze fabric refresher 800ml $2.00 insert exp. 31/7/2012
    Febreze buy any two products save $2.00 insert exp. 31/7/2012
    Free Febreze set & Refresh Start kit WUB any 3 Cascade, Dawn, Mr. Clean, Febreze and Swiffer insert exp. 31/7/2012
    Glade Expressions B1G1 Free insert exp. 31/7/2012
    Air Wick freshmatic odour detect starter kit $3.00 expiry 31/7/2012
    Air Wick Scentred Oil Starter Kit $2.00 insert exp. 31/7/2012

    Febreze Set & Refresh $1.00 exp. 31/3/2013
    Febreze Noticeables buy 1 save $3.00 exp. 31/3/2013
    Febreze Noticables dual refill save $1.00 exp. 31/3/2013
    Febreze Air Effect save 50 cents exp. 31/3/2013
    Febreze Fabric Refresher 500 ml exp. 31/3/2013
    Febreze Car Vent clip free WUB Febreze Refresher 800ml exp. 31/3/2013
    Febreze car vent clip $1.00 exp. 31/3/2013
    Woollite save $3 insert exp. July 31/12
    Resolve save $2 insert exp. sept. 30/12
    Finish resolve save $2 exp. July 31/12
    Affresh any cleaning product insert exp. July 15/12

    rubbermaid double wall bottle save $2 inset dec.31/12
    rubbermaid design series bottle or hydration save $1.50 insert exp. dec.31/12

    Wish List

    FPC kitty litter
    FPC Yogurt
    Open to other types of FPC

    Looking for coupons with the latest expiry date as possible, nothing prior to July 31.

    Fresh Fruit
    Aerius save $10 or $5
    Claritin $5
    Lactantia butter save $1.00
    Kashi Cereal
    Black Diamond Cheese
    Clover Leaf Tuna Kits or Tuna
    Delissio thin crust pizza
    Dr. Oetker Ristorante Pizza
    Edge shaving gel $3
    Johnsonville Sausages
    Kraft Philadelphia Cooking Cream
    K cups
    Natrel milk
    Potato Chips/ pop chips
    Puffs $1.00 coupon only
    Snacks-such as chocolate bars, popcorn or potato chips.
    heluva good dip
    chapmans ice cream
    rice krispees
    bicks pickles
    sunmaid raisin bread
    summerfresh dips
    Old El Paso Taco Kits

    Also open to CT money of SDM points.
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