I would like minimum 4 FPC's offered.

I reserve the right to cancel the auction at any time, for lack of interest, bids I don't like or if I receive an offer I cannot refuse.

Here are places in my town I'd be able to get gc's for:

Canadian Tire
Food Land
Tim Hortons
Future Shop
No Frills

FPC Weight Watchers

FPC Johnson's Replacement
FPC Johnson's Baby
FPC Clean & Clear
FPC Neutrogena
FPC Glad
FPC SC Johnson
FPC Aveeno
FPC Coke/Pepsi
FPC Canada Dry Gingerale
FPC Yogurt (minigo or kid type yogurt)
FPC Oasis Juice (good on apple juice)
FPC Oasis Juice Box
FPC Dempsters Bread
FPC Wonderbread
FPC Granola Bar
FPC Ground Beef (not WUB)
FPC Lays Chips
FPC Tostitos
FPC Royale Items
FPC Tampax Tampons
FPC Playtex Tampons
FPC Quaker Granola Bars
FPC Quakers Oatmeal
FPC Dove
FPC Crest Pro-Health
FPC Banana's
FPC Fruit
FPC Laundry Detergent
FPC Glad

Any FPC from Kraft Box
MOST FPC's....contact me
$5 Maple Leaf Prime Marinated Boneless Skinless breasts, Seasoned Flattened Chicken or Boneless Skinless Breasts
$5.00 Maple Leaf Prime Naturally Fresh Chicken Breasts Fillets, Butterflied or Thin Sliced Chicken Breasts (websaver)
$2.00 off Maple Leaf Prime Naturally Fresh Chicken Breasts Fillets, Butterflied or Thin Sliced Chicken Breasts (websaver)
Playtex Bucks
$4.00 NIGHTTIME ADVIL 10\20\30s (spinuwin)
$4.00 Advil Cold & Sinus (must be good on 10s)
$2.00 off any Royale (not paper towels)
$3 Bread WUB Ziploc
$1.00 Herseys (good on chocolate chips)
Any mail outs/Call In's (Johnsons, Aveeno, bandaid, Tylenol, Clean & Clear, Agropur, Heinz, General mills, Campbells, Colgate/Palmolive, Conagra Foods, Natrel, Unilever, Quaker, Kimberly Clarke etc)
$0.75 off Minigo Yogurt (from case)
$0.50 WUB2 Jello Powders
$1.00 Weight Watcher's Bread
$1.00 Weight Watcher's Desserts
Kandoo Wipes
$1.00 Summer Fresh Dips or Hummus 2013 expiry
Becel Margarine
Juice Boxes (oasis, allen's or minute maid)
Juice (allen's or oasis, regular not refridgerated)
Minute Rice (not cups)
Koolaid Jammers
Lays Chips
Canned Tomatoes
Ruffles Chip Dip
Kraft Salad Dressing (Not Sizzlers)
Pepsi/Coke - not max, just regular
Playtex Tampons
Sunmaid Raisins
Fresh Express or Dole bagged salads (on regular bags)
Kraft Peanut Butter - on smooth
$1.50 off Canada Dry (on cases)
$1.00 off Ziploc (good on 1, Websaver I believe)
$1.50 off fresh chicken (Ziploc coupons)
$0.75 off fresh produce (Ziploc coupons)
any Weight Watchers coupons for food
Reebok PlayDry T-Shirt
Flip Flops Code
Any TShirts Codes
$0.75 Chips Ahoy or Chunks Ahoy Cookies 280g-350g (What's Cooking Magazine)
$0.75 Thinsations (What's Cooking Magazine)
$2.00 wub2 Christie Products (What's Cooking Magazine)
$0.75 Oreo Cookies 300g-550g (What's Cooking Magazine)
$1.00 off Tostitos Salsa (Pepsi Case)
$2.00 off Variety Pack 18 ct Chips (Pepsi Case)
$1.00 off Special K Cracker Chips (websaver)
$1.00 off Fresh Chicken (Ziploc Box)
$2.00 off Johnson's Baby Wash (save.ca)
$0.75 off Milk 2 Go

This is just SOME of what I'm looking for!