There are a few deals next week at PA to combine with coupons:

Olympic Krema yogurt 500g 2 x 5$ - 0.50 coupon. I remember there was a 1.50 coupon at one point from a magazine but mine were expired, maybe some still are around.
Schneider's Country Naturals sausages 300g 1.99 - 2$ peelie coupon = free !!!!!!
VH Dipping sauces 227ml 1.39 - 2$ coupon WUB 2 = 0.39!

Laughing cow cheese 228g 1.99. I had a 1$ coupon but they recently expired. Maybe some still valid.

There is a good deal too on NuPak chick peas or black peas 540ml 0.79 ea.

Happy shopping : ))