I live in an apartment building, and since we moved in out tub has been a point of contention in that it barely drains. We used a hair trap (a metal strainer that sits over the drain to catch hair), so we knew it wasn't our hair causing the issue. The property management company told us, "Our snake is broke we will be in next week", they never arrived, "That is just the way the pipes are" and that "We can't do anything unless it doesn't drain at all". It was taking almost 30 minutes to drain, when showering it would get ankle deep in water. I didn't like having to use chemicals but I didn't know what else to do.

I tried bottle after bottle of draino with little change. I tried natural ways like vinegar and baking soda with a little more drainage but not much. I tried using a plunger. Within 3 months we had used 5 bottles of draino, a box of baking powder and a a litre of vinegar and little to no change. I did wait about two weeks between tries, so I am pretty sure the chemicals were out of the pipes.

I went to the store and I saw liquid plumber foaming pipe snake. I bought two bottles and figured for around $6 I would try it. I figured like anything else it wouldn't do a thing.

I carefully pour the liquids down the drain (the bottle is divided into two liquids that when mixed create a foam). Right away the mixture foams like shaving cream and the drain plugs up with foam. I wait the hour and then flush the drain with hot water. I do notice some of the foam coming up through the overflow drain. I also notice an immediate difference in drainage, it seemed to actually be draining almost regular. After flushing for several minutes, I use the second bottle and repeat the process. After about 70 minutes I flush with hot water and I see that the drain is draining.

I showered this morning and for the first time since we moved in the tub works well. I am going to keep a bottle of this stuff on hand. I don't like to use chemicals but this really works. It is cheaper than Draino and it works on my issue. I am so glad that this product was made. It saved me a call to a plumber. If this hadn't worked I was going to pay a plumber to come and try to fix it for me since Killiam wasn't going to fix it.