Innovative new product, The Vibrating Insoles.

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The iMOOV Vibrating Insoles have a vibration chip molded in the heel of the insoles.

The chip thus creates vibrations in the feet and legs which is sensed by the whole body at a frequency of 10 – 12Hz.

The iMOOV Vibrating Insoles chip requires no batteries or electricity or recharging of any kind. Vibration is created with walking or running.

The minute you start moving your feet, the vibration massage starts.

The vibrating chip is a patented eco-friendly product – there is nothing in this world that even comes remotely close to what iMOOV Vibrating Insoles do.

Note about sizes:
There are only two sizes, for Male and Female. Both come with the largest size.

Male : 11.25 Inches
Female: 10.00 inches

On the bottom of each insole, you will see several rounded lines, it used to guide you cutting the front side of the insole so that it fits your shoes.

Specification :

  • Product Size & Weight : Male (250~300mm) & 210g, Female (225~255mm) & 160g
  • Packing : Each pair in Green Color Box
  • Each Packing Size & Weight : 315 x 110 x 40mm & 260g for Male, 315 x 110 x 40mm & 210g for Female

iMOOV (All Size)

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