Hi everyone!!
I have 2 Cineplex.com Kids BOGO pins that we are not going to use as hubby is not working. I will trade for stamps, Walmart Giftcard or things off of my wishlist. Please see wishlist below.

TFT,store specific- no
french, printable-yes
save.ca, groupon, websaver, brandsaver-yes

Any FPC (not fussy when it is free, just no protein bars, hair dye, make up or septic cleaner please)
FPC Sprite, Fanta, Sprite Zero
FPC Bacon
Dr Oetker Mug Cake FPC
Grill'ems FPC
J & J replacement
Kelloggs FPC (NED, good for any Kellogg's product)
Kellogg's cereals FPC
Kelloggs snacks FPC
Kraft Cheeses FPC- (any of these: Habenaro Heat shredded, Amooza Twists, Cracker Barrel slices or snacks, Philly Cooking Creme, Parmesan shaved or grated, Philly Garlic cream cheese)
FPC Rice Krispie granola
FPC Yogurt (no greek please)
FPC Cascade Action Pacs
FPC Maxx Cat Litter
FPC Basilli’s Best lasagna
FPC coke 2L/12 pk
FPC Purex
FPC Kellogg’s
FPC Tostitos
FPC Cereal
FPC Amooza Twists **RRRRLF
FPC Old El Paso
PIN for Kelloggs breakfast item
$3 Kimberly Clark Call In (good on ANY product)
$5 Marc Angelo
$5 Skinny Cow
$5 Chapmans
fresh chicken
Quaker $4
Schneiders $5 or $10
SC Johnson cleaning products $7
Skinny Cow treats FPC
Ice Cream $5.00 (From Cereal Boxes)
Tassimo Disks (NOT $2 Gevalia)
$1.00 Heinz any product (no expiry)
Schneiders, $5 towards the purchase of any Schneiders products, 74602445, Dec 31,2013
$3+ Huggies Diapers
HV Huggies (not inserts)
Huggies call ins
2.00 Any one package of Huggies baby wipes (100ct or larger)
Any Baby call ins(diapers, wipes, washes, lotions, etc, not the J&J baby that is listed as 2)
$4+ quantum finish
3.00 any size Tide HE (valid in US/CAN, upc 3700013087, exp Dec 31/13)
Artic Gardens $5.00 of any EXP Dec 31st, 2013
Chapmans $5.00
Colgate Palmolive $5.00/$1
Artic Gardens $2.00 + good on 1
Campbells $3.00 on any UPC 00924290
Call Ins/Vouchers from: Danone, Campbell's, Colgate-Palmolive, Kimberly Clark, Dare, ConAgra, Campbells, General Mills, SC Johnson, Schneider's, Unilever, Quaker, Maple Leaf, Playtex, J&J (not baby)
Eggs $2.00 WUB 2 dozen
Highliner $2.00 ANY 215-700g product
Kelloggs Product on ANY $2.00 NED
Marc Angelo $3.00 +0.00 EXP June 30th
Call in for Tylenol $2.00 EXP 2013 or later
Call in for Bandaid $2.00 EXP 2013 or later
Campbells $2.00 on any UPC 00924287
Colgate - Palmolive Call In
$2 off fresh fruit WUB 2 Hunts pudding
$1 any Del Monte Fruit Twists 108g, Mini Twists324g or fruit stripes 108g 14502848 10/31/13
$1 any del monte 568ml/4x112.5ml/4x107ml portable fruit 14505835 10/31/13
Imperial Margarine
3.00 Hamburger WUB hamburger helper
3.00 bread WUB ziploc
Any of the Tackle the Taste booklet coupons (RRRRRLF the hot rods)
Any BOGO's for items on my Wishlist
Bassili’s Best lasagna UPC’S***RRRLF
Stouffer’s/Lean Cuisine PIN’s***RRRLF (please include UPC with PIN)
Kraft cheese whiz (save.ca)*****RRRRRRRRRRLF
Kraft Peanut Butter (save.ca)*****RRRRRRRRRLF
Aeroplan PIN’s***RRRLF
$1 General Mills (peelie) exp June 2013
$1 Kellogg’s (peelie)
$.75 Milk 2 Go any 5070581 May 31, 2013
$1 Hunt’s Snack Pack 12pk
1.00 Gerber products (websaver.ca)
$2 Orville Reddenbaucher Popcorn
fresh produce
$1 J&J Call IN (baby) (expiries after june 30, 2013 please)
$6 WUB3 Bounty, Charmin, Puffs
$5 WUB3 Gillette - i am wishing that there is one out there
$3 wub 2 Bounty, Charmin or Puff
2.00 wub 2, 3.00 wub 3 Danino
$1 Marc Angelo NED (any of the new ones, too many to list)
2.00 quaker granola bars (off of oatmeal boxes)
Oasis Juice boxes
Sunrype juice boxes 5 x 200ml $1.00 EXP Aug 1st, 2013
1.00 Driscoll's berries EXP Dec 2013
1.00 Mann's veggies EXP Dec 31st, 2013
fresh fruit & veggies
2.00 wub 2 eggs
fresh meats (hamburger, pork, chicken, beef)
Carnation hot chocolate*****RRRRLF
$0.50 Granny’s Boneless Skinless chicken breasts, thighs
$1.50 Clorox2 (websaver)
B2G1 Chef Boyardee
$2 Royale (must be good on TP)
$2 janes
$2 Pillsbury cookies
Juice boxes ******RRLF $1 Oasis, but any is great!!!
$1 Europes Best
Gerber snacks/products (websaver)
Nestle infant cereals
2.00 gerber cereal (WUB 1)
Heinz jarred baby food (expiries after April 30)
2.00 J&J baby wash (save.ca?)
U-Kotex $1.00 49110122 March, 2014
2$ or $3 Tide only not wub
1.00 Pepsi, 7up, mountain dew, dr. pepper, crush, schweppes, brisk, all flavors/varieties, 12x355ml (84211952, jul 31, 2013)
2.00 Herbal Essences Peelie
Huggies Enjoy the ride codes
Pampers Gifts to Grow codes
Lunchmate bucks
Huggies diapers/wipes (no naturals or snugglers)
$1 WUB2 No Yolks Pasta
$0.75 Reynolds Wax Paper
1.00 Uncle Ben's Rice
BO Uncle Ben's Rice GO Uncle Ben's Rice Cup
$0.50 Staybrite Baking Cups
Artic Gardens $1.00
Becel or Imperial $0.75 good on any size
Bolthouse carrots $0.50 EXP June 30th, 2013
Bounce $1.00 Expiry Dec 2013 or 2014
Brisk Beverage $1.00 any 12 x 355ml EXP June 30th, 2013
Campbells $1.00 good on any UPC
Charmin TP $4.00 WUB2
Chamin TP $1.50 WUB1
Cheerios $1.00 WUB1
Dempsters Bread $1.00 12521597 EXP 12/31/13
Dole Salad $1.00 NED Limit 1
Fresh Express Salad $1.00
Green Giant frozen veg
Glad Food Storage products good on any $1.00 EXP 2014
Johnsonville Peelie good on any $0.50/$0.75 EXP 2013 or longer
Snack Pack puddings
Stag Chili $1.00 NED
Wonderbread $2.00 WUB2
Ziploc $1.00 WUB 1 or $2.00 WUB2
General Mills Cereal good on any $1.00 EXPJune 30th, 2013
Glad Garbage Bags $2.00
Johnsonville good on ANY $1.00 peelie or other
Johnsonville $2.00 Johnsonville Link Sausage
Kelloggs peelie $1.00 EXP June 30th 2013
Kraft Shredded Cheese $1.00 (off OEP Box) EXP Dec 2013
McCain Ultra Thin Crust Pizza NED or $1.00 off Ultra Thin (Dec 8th, 2013)
McCain Triple Chill, Deep and Delicious, Fruit pies or strawberry shortcake $2.00 EXP June 30th, 2013
Miracle Whip $1.00 EXP Jun 30th, 2013
Pam $2.00
Sunrype Juice or Bars BOGO EXP Oct 2013
2.00 on fruit WUB 2 snack pack (may 31, 2013)
Lunch box snacks (dunkaroos, rice krispie treats, fruit snack, etc)
shake and bake
1.00 wub2 Dawn exp June 2014
1.00 Bounty Paper towels exp jun 2014
1.00 Tide exp june 2014
1.00 Charmin TP exp jun 2014
0.50 Goldfish (Pretzels, colors or grahams)
Infant/Children's Tylenol, Advil, Motrin
BOGO Clubhouse gravy (only the gravy please)
Mini wheats (Regular, not centers have lots for now)
Coke/Pepsi products
0.75/1.00 Cream of Wheat
0.75 any Schneider's Lunchmates
iCoke PIN’s ****RRRLF
Swiffer refills
Quantum Finish dishwasher tabs
L'Oreal Kids Shampoo
Colgate for Kids (only kids please)
Any Gillette
Free Gillette Body Wash WUB Deodorant
Any Old Spice
Dove Men
Pedigree Dry Dog food
Lysol no Touch refills
0.50 pop tarts
toaster strudels
sunripe squiggles/funbites
$1 delmonte fruit snacks (websaver)
$1/$1.50 Bassili’s Best Lasagna (good on one)
$1 Kraft Cheese slices
$1 Kraft shredded cheese
Cottonelle wipes refills
Purex toilet paper
purina maxx scoop cat litter
any kids body wash
Chef Boyardee ($1 wub 2 or others)
chips (lays, old dutch, Tostitos, Ms. Vickies)
Stouffer’s Skillet Sensations, express, Saute Sensations
1.50 Stouffer’s Bistro
1.50 Lean Cuisine (good for any)
pudding cups (any brand, not kozy shack)
$1 snack pack puddings
Maple Leaf/Schneiders weiners
campbells soup
any Catelli pasta (just plain, reg, white pasta)
$1 WUB 3 Heinz
Sugar (Redpath)
Clorox 2 washing machine tablets
Scrubbing bubbles (no inserts please)
Dove Go Fresh bar soap, body wash or deodorant only
Heinz beans
1.00 any general mills/betty crocker/pillsbury
Dole Fruit Cups
Del Monte Fruit cups
$1 or $2 Pizza (McCain or Dellisio)
Post, Kellog’s, General Mills Cereal (good on any, peelies or coupons, please no great grains, fibre 1/plus, all bran or shreddies)
White bread (not whole wheat)
$1 dempsters
Eggos Pancakes
Glad Cling Wrap
2.00 Glad Indoor/Outdoor garbage bags UPC 01224072 exp Oct 31/14
0.75 any Crest ProHealth
$1 any Crest ProHealth Rinse

I will accept the following samples as well. please send to me directly. pm me for address.

worth 3
razors (in package)

worth 2
tide pods
downy unstoppables
Nestle/Gerber cereals
Quantum Dishwasher tabs

worth 1
dish soap
paper towels