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    Now that the Tillicum Target's been open for a while, I am just wondering if other SmartCanucks are shopping there, or will shop there again? Do they have weekly specials like WalMart? Are they OK with coupons?
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    I've gone there twice so far. Went in the late evening on the first day they open, it was pretty busy & store was pretty shopped/trashed (but understandable) The prices are pretty good for certain things and others not so much (some of their regular priced items would be sale prices at Thrifty Foods/Walmart/etc)

    I haven't tried using coupons yet but their Canadian website actually lists their coupon policy which looks pretty coupon friendly.
    They're suppose to have weekly flyers but our store hasn't rolled them out yet I guess? (I've tried checking on the website)

    The only bad thing I experienced was getting charged $10 for an item that was suppose to be $1.00. The weird thing was it scanned the right barcode but the description was for a V-neck shirt and the actually item was a pink dustpan/brush set. They told me it was happening all day *lifts eyebrow* but fixed it fairly quick/easy (I just wished they participated in SCOP)

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