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    My actual trade list needs updating but things have been so busy and I am heading for more major surgery soon so I am trying to stock up before I go in. I am going to list the HV and popular coupons I have in hopes of some quick trades of best offer. My WL isn't 100% updated but I can look at your trade list. Please PM your offers

    I currently have available for quick trade:


    $5.00 Jumbo Video GC, no expiry

    7 X $17 PepsiCo booklet SEE DETAILS HERE July 31 expiry for all (I would rather trade these intact instead of cutting them up)

    1 X FPC Liberte baby yogurt, July 31

    1 X FPC 1L Baboo milk, Dec 31

    1 X $5.00 off any one Hasbro board game, July 31

    USA ONLY - FPC White Cloud bathroom tissue, facial tissue or paper towel (max value $6), Dec 31
    (printed in color and sent directly from Kruger company)

    4 X MIR FREE movie ticket WUB2 Speed Stick Products (excluding trial), Buy between May 1 and Sept 15

    2 X $4.00 ENSURE Cheque, Sept 16 -pending trade

    2 X $3.00 ENSURE Cheque, Nov 29

    2 X $3.00 ENSURE Cheque, Jan 31, 2014
    2 X 5.00 off Butterball Turkey Burgers, July 31

    $110.00 off NU.ME hair styling tools and hair extensions + free thermal pouch from (promo code) Nov 30 (will take around $10 in coupons )


    $4.00 off Enfagro Toddler, 850g, Dec 31

    $4.00 off Enfamil D-Vi-Sol, Tri-Vi_sol ot Poly_vi_sol vitamins, Dec 31


    1 X $2.00 off Shredded Wheat (425g-675g), Aug 31

    1 X $1.00 off Butterball turkey franks, Sept 16

    .75 off Milk to Go product, Oct 31

    .75 off any International Delight product, Oct 31

    $1.00 off Dairyland Organic Product, Oct 31

    2 X $1.00 off fruit WUB Et Tu dessert kit (peelie) no expiry

    $1.00 off Ahoy Extras cookies, July 31

    8 X Free Shirriff cooked pudding & pie filling WUB2 (88623304) Dec 31, 2013

    11 X .50 off Dr. Oetker Shirriff Mug cake, Dec 31 2013

    11 X .50 off one Dr. Oetker premium dessert mix, Dec 31 2013

    9 X Dr. Oetker Shirriff Mousse, Dec 31

    9 X Dr. Oetker Shirriff Mousse 50cal, Dec 31

    Recipes Plus Calendar: - Expiry Dec 31

    2 X $2.00 off Finish (Quantum, Powerball or Gelpacs) No size restriction
    1.00 WUB2 packs of Sunrise dessert or soft tofu
    $.50 off Maille 200ml mustard
    $1.50 off 4pk drink or box powder Carnation Breakfast
    $.50 off Stagg chili can or bowl
    $1.00 off any Patak’s product (excluding Naan)
    $.75 off any Almond Fresh 1.89L
    $.75 off Franks Redhot sauce
    .75 off Pillers Simply free product
    2 X
    $1.00 off any Wasa product


    $1.00 off Scrubbing Bubbles Foaming Kitchen Cleaner (mail out) Oct 31

    $2.00 off Biore balancing cleanser (200ml) Dec 31, 2014

    $3.00 off Ensure scFOS 6pk, Nov 30, 2014

    $1.50 off Jergens 120ml or larger, July 31, 2013

    $2.00 off any Method laundry product, Sept 30

    2 X $2.00 off Glad Compostable Recycling or Clear Bags, Oct 31, 2014

    17 X $2.00 off Glad Indoor garbage bags, excluding 20ct & 24ct, Aug 31

    I can make custom address labels for you in place of coupons or stamps. You can pick any image of your choosing and I will create sticker labels like the one below. A sheet of 30 sticker labels can be traded for about $10-$15 in coupons. I have been known to do them for just a couple WL coupons if you can cover postage

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    I am looking for quick trades for my pre-surgery stock up!

    Updated TL/WL HERE

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    NED = no expiry date
    French: only if noted

    TFT: From Ontario only
    Store specific: No
    Coupon Zone: No

    Websaver,, inserts are all ok

    FPC expiry July 31st or later,
    Please feel free to offer (no mug cake, beverages , baby, cleaner or smellies please )

    Bold = RRLF

    Actual Samples:
    Neutrogena make up wipes - actual sample, or coupon
    Burberry Body Perfume Sample
    Gillette Venus, Pro Glide or Schick Hydro Silk razor sample - actual razor, not coupon


    FPC Famous Players admission
    FPC Famous Players snack
    FPC Orville popcorn bags from pop and win
    FPC cereal (not kashi)
    FPC Old El paso kit
    FPC or BOGO Cheecha Puffs
    FPC Nature egg shelled eggs or carton
    FPC Special K Cracker Chips or sandwiches
    FPC from breakfast promo (eggo)
    FPC almost any grocery item, especially WL items (no beverages except milk, mug cake, baby)
    FPC Maple Leaf ground chicken RRRLF
    FPC turkey bacon

    $2.00 off one Always infinity, facebook mailout
    $1.00 Tre Stelle Feta RRRLF
    $5 arctic gardens from shoppers voice

    FPC Arctic Gardens
    FPC John Fredia foam hair color
    skinny cow ice cream sandwiches
    $1.50 dempsters bagels
    $1.50 dempsters veg bread
    FPC Arctic Gardens
    liquid dish soap (palmolive, dawn wub1)
    $1.00 Catelli smart pasta

    $1.00 WUB2 shelled eggs (after June)
    sour cream, not gold
    dare fruit minis snacks
    any replacement voucher from company, Quaker, Kelloggs, Congra etc
    old dutch baked chips
    shake n bake
    Gain detergent other than brandsaver
    Pam regular spray, dec
    hormel bacon bits
    kraft peanut butter
    miracle whip (not 650ml)
    any produce coupon, wub is ok
    $1.00 astro Zero
    Astro Original RRRLF 12pk
    $1.00 Canape and breton from cheese magazine RRRRLF
    $1.00 + Arctic Gardens, good for all types
    Quaker granola bars after July 31
    Gold Fish crackers, pretzel ok
    .75 Cheestrings (a few)
    $3 WUb2 Always pads (facebook promo)
    fruit snacks - real fruit minis, betty crocker
    $2.00 quaker granola bars
    Aunt Jemima Syrup
    Cloverleaf tuna, flavoured ok (not in olive oil)
    $1.00 Amooza
    $1.00 Cheese strings
    Bear Paws, not store specific
    Christie cookies or crackers RRRLF (have enough wheat thins)
    Fresh express salads
    Source Greek Yogurt
    $2.00 Glad outdoor Garbage bags or storage bags RRLF , 2014
    $2 on Quaker Harvest Crunch, Fibre & Omega3, Yogurt, or Oatmeal to Go, Sept 2013
    Yoplait, $1 on Source 650g or 16x100g, 76144673, Dec 31,2013
    $1.00 yoplait tubes (cereal box or other)
    $2.00 off Olia hair color (after June 30) (just need 1)
    Et Tu cesar kit
    $5 or $10 Revlon voucher from company, not tools

    Philly cream cheese, chocolate ok
    call ins, various
    dempster's bagels or English muffins
    $1.00 Honey Bunches of Oats, Dec
    Brown Minuit Rice, not cups
    Any Pop Chips (FPC or $ off) printed in color ok
    $2.00 Delissio rising crust or thin crust pizza RRLF
    Black Diamond Cheese blocks RRRLF
    Black Diamond Cheese slices ($1.50 WUB2 ok)
    Campbell’s regular canned soup
    .75 off any Villaggio bread loaf
    $2.00 off all Gaylea products (from company)
    $2.00 any post cereal, 2013 (4)
    Nesquik, WUB milk ok
    $2.00 Gillette bodywash, 2013 (3)

    Campbell's red call ins
    Majesta paper towels
    $1.00 off one Pledge product (not just aerosol) (2)
    $1.00 off any Heinz product, no expiry
    any eggo coupon, except minis
    $1.00 + off cheerios
    $.75 any Johnsonville sausage product Dec 31, 2015
    $1.00 wub2 Hunts sauce, paste and sauce ok, Dec
    Cashmere, not envirocare
    Becel Margarine (good for light)

    Other products we use
    Honey Maid graham crackers
    Villaggio bread, not buns
    Mrs. Dash
    Trident layers gum
    other chewing gum
    Rollhide dog treats
    fresh produce
    Reid's Dairy 4L milk
    FPC Reid's Dairy milkshake or treat
    McCormicks International gravy pouch
    Panko Crumbs
    Shake N Bake
    Hamburger Helper
    Club House dip and salad pouches
    Gay Lea or Bettrice sour cream
    regular Secret deoderant, (not clinical)
    compliments products
    Schneider's deli meat (regular ham, bologna etc)
    Alcan foil
    Glad sandwich and freezer bags
    HV gain laundry soap
    $6 Nutrience Holistic dog food
    frozen fries
    pizza pockets/pops
    jameison vitamins (2013 only)
    Always infinity pads, (HV or fpc, not brandsaver)
    Quaker crispy mini delights
    Bob Mills hot cereal
    Neutrogena make up wipes (blue or pink pack)
    instant oatmeal
    maple lodge chicken weiners
    Hunt's beans or canned pasta
    chef boyardee pasta
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    I am looking for quick trades for my pre-surgery stock up!

    Updated TL/WL HERE

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    I am looking for quick trades for my pre-surgery stock up!

    Updated TL/WL HERE

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    205 (100%)

    I am looking for quick trades for my pre-surgery stock up!

    Updated TL/WL HERE

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