Don't forgot fellow Couponers & Friends that this Wednesday night coming is the Coupon & Product Swap...

Bring all your valid unwanted coupons along, I'll be bringing my normal giant ziploc suitcase with me..(anyone remember this?)

Please don't forget to bring your product you'd like too swap.

I'll be bringing lots.

I'm hoping with word of mouth and more advertising we will grow into something wonderful for our community.
I'm hoping we can pay it forward for some services or individuals that need assistance.
Bring a little more money into the cash registers of "Our Local" stores.
Yes, most take coupons.

Trading and stop tossing away products we dislike or have no use for or we cant return them to the stores.....Saving the best for last, MAKE NEW FRIENDS!.......

This event is free to come too, we just ask if you'd kindly drop a few coins in the donation box to help pay for the room! if you need any thing please call me @ 604-768-2255