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    Expired on: Mon, Jul 29th, 2013
    Shara's Wish List

    ***Nothing expiring before September please***

    Please include last 3 digits off upc when possible in your offer

    No inserts unless noted please
    Armstrong block cheese $1 (from ingredients mag)
    Bicks pickles (not 262, 275, 321 or 220)
    Black Diamond block cheese
    Black Diamond cheese slices (not 436)
    Bounty/Charmin/Puffs $6, $4, $3, $2.50 wub2/3
    Bolthouse Farms carrots mail outs
    Campbell's soup (good on any)
    Carnation evaporated milk
    Centrum Flavour Burst (NOT 416 or 504)
    Cereal - Froot Loops, Frosted Flakes, Cheerios, Shreddies, Oatmeal Crisp
    Ceramabryte cooktop cleaner
    Charmin tp (not wub2)
    Chapmans $4+
    Cheemo perogies
    Cheez Whiz
    Christie Ahoy Extras
    Colgate-Palmolive mail outs
    ConAgra vouchers
    Danone $5wub3 (Dec expiry)
    Danone gift certificates $1+
    Dare/Grissol products (good on any)
    Delissio rising crust/thin crust pizza
    Del Monte 432, 989
    Diet Coke/Pepsi
    Downy (good on Unstoppables)
    Dole fruit bowls, parfaits, gels $1
    Dole Live Right bites $1
    Europe's Best Frozen fruit
    Fresh Express Salad
    Frenchís mustard ($0.75+, good on any)
    Gain detergent
    Gain Fireworks
    GayLea $2 mail outs
    General Mills FPC's/peelies/coupons valid on any
    Glad bags $2 (2014 expiry only)/$1 food storage product
    Golden Graham's S'mores treats fpc
    Goldfish crackers
    Hair color fpc
    Heinz (good on any)/beans
    Hershey's Drops (not whole nuts)
    Huggies Pull ups FPC
    Iams cat & dog food (not store specific)
    Iams So Good dog food (not brandsaver)
    International Delight creamer $0.75
    International Delight Iced Coffee fpc
    Iogo good on any (ask UPC)
    J&J $2 mailouts
    Janes chicken $2 mailout
    Juice boxes (Oasis/Minute Maid)
    Kelloggs FPC's/peelies/coupons good on any
    Knorr $1wub3 551, 582
    Kimberly Clark vouchers $1/$3/$5
    Koolaid Jammers
    Lactancia butter
    Lysol Complete toilet bowl cleaner
    Mannís Vegetables mail outs
    Maple Leaf portions bacon
    Maxx cat litter $5
    Michelinas $0.50
    Milk Bone soft & chewy treat 113g
    Mini Wheats FPC
    Minute Maid juice boxes FPC
    Oasis juice boxes/960ml
    P stamps
    Pampers diapers (good on Swaddlers/Cruisers)
    Peek Freans Lifestyle Selections cookies
    Poise product ($2 good on any, 2014 expiry)
    Post cereal peelies/coupons good on any
    Potato Thins
    Purina Beggin Strips
    Purina Kitten Chow FPC
    Premium Plus crackers
    Puffs facial tissue (not wub2)
    Robax Heat wraps 360, 465, 478, 775
    SC Johnson $7/$5 mailouts (Drano, Ziploc, etc)
    Schneiders B1G1/FPC Grillems
    Smuckers (good on any, not 046)
    Snausages/Pup-peroni B1G1
    Spot Shot $4 mail out/Fpc
    Sun Rype juice boxes/1.36L
    Swanson skillet meals $1
    Swiffer refills
    SYB FPC's
    Tide (good on Pods)
    Tostitos/Doritos/Old Dutch/Miss Vickies chips (not WUB)
    Triscuit Thin Crisps
    Uncle Bens Bistro Express
    Weetabix $1, Dec 2014 expiry valid on small size
    Yogurt FPCs (not sure what there is right now but my 2 yr old loves yogurt!)

    LF Brandsaver mail outs (not inserts) with Aug&Sept expiries for these products...
    Iams dry cat & dog food (not So Good)
    Mr Clean
    Pampers Swaddlers/Cruisers
    Gain/Swiffer/Mr Clean/Febreze ($2.50wub2 & $1)
    Swiffer refills
    Tide Pods/Cascade/Swiffer ($3wub2)
    Tide pods
    Downy Unstoppables

    I have lots to trade (in an album on Facebook), please pm me your WL & what you have for trade! Thanks
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    Do u have a trade list, if so can u please share?
    RRRLF $$ Astro Original Coupons gud on 750gm tubs or balkan style..

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    Sent you a PM!

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