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    FYI...was in Walmart last week, bought 10 zantacs...( last of my coupons) and the girl at the counter said I couldn't do it...she said it was one per perchase...blah blah I went through my speel about each coupon being one purchase and that it doesn't say one per person. The manager came over, ( I know her well, and she is actually really nice to deal with) ( in bayers lake). She said it is a new policy that they can limit what you buy up to 6 items if they choose to do so. Here does not have to be a sign up, they can do it if they want....anyway I asked to see it in writing, she said it is not up on their site yet and that she will get some print outs when available and put them at the cash
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    i have zantac coupons and it does say one per purchase and per person.
    which would mean one person isn't supposed to buy more than one at a time.

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