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Thread: (OVER)Sample Source Fall 2013

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    The FPC pasta coupon is for gluten free pasta. In one of their previous offers, one of the questions was if you or anyone in your household was celiac. It seems only those ones who's profile showed there was a need to be gluten-free were offered this.

    Same with the magazine offer. In a previous offer, the question was made if you recently bought a new computer. The answer given seems to be tied in with whether you are offered a digital subscription vs the mailed version. If you said you bought a new computer last time, I believe you received an extra sample of a screen cleaning wipe. But it could be now you may only get offered the digital magazine...

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    I got mine a few days ago. It was very full. My oldest son took all the men's samples including the razor. LOL I'm really looking forward to trying the gluten free pasta and the rice.

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