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Thread: Does anyone watch Game of Thrones?

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    I binged the first 7 season s over March break. It was hard to get into as it not really my kind of show but I did after a few episodes, other than the Cersei and Jamie business I loved it all the way until they pull ed the incest card again at end of 7
    I had such high Hope's for season 8 and Jon has been a stand up guy the entire series so I am loving that hes not giving into Dany and the temptation but still standing by her as his queen
    Season 8 is so rushed thst thry are just dropping like flies I must say I'm disappointed with the quick finish it truly coukd have played out over a few more seasons. I cant imagine giving 8 years if my life to this show to have it go out like this.
    A few awesome scenes with the little girl slaying the giant, Arya killing the white Walker and saving bran, I'm so sad to see it end
    I mean theres really only one way to end it
    I saw a petition online to rewrite season 8 I'd be all over that they spend 2 years and while the shots and effects are amazing it just could have been so much more

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    well, its over.

    finale was a tear jerker for me, i agree, the last 4 or so episodes seemed rushed but im not gonna sign a
    must have been hard filming in the cold for so long & 20 mill per episode.
    now they will have people paying big bucks to see the set in Ireland...cha-ching!~
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    GoT changed significantly in the last two seasons. Apparently, once the show runners knew when it would be ending, they felt obliged to work toward an ending that more or less wrapped up the notable plot threads, of which there were a fair number. Factoring in that they probably knew then that these seasons would have fewer episodes, the result was that they had a lot to resolve in those fewer episodes. So, the decision to try to end the series without leaving much hanging basically forced last season and this one away from the slow-paced, carefully crafted, multi-threaded kind of story-telling that was a huge element in setting GoT apart in the first place.
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