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    Iím looking to sell calendars for charity and would like to know if anyone would like to buy one.The calendars are $30 each and benefit these 2 charities: Racing for the Cure and the Stollery.

    The Racing for the Cure Charity benefits as follows:
    50% is being allocated to fund Racing For a Cure 2014. This will include purchasing all items for the children who will attend the 2014 event.
    This yearís event brought out 71 child patients from the Stollery Childrenís hospital and Kids with Cancer Society. We provided all the children with their very own track certified helmet, t-shirts and numerous items for their gift bags. Next year we want to give them even more. On top of the children who attend, we are looking into items we can purchase to present the patients who are either unable to attend or not capable of leaving their hospital beds due to illness or surgeries.

    The Stollery Proceeds benefits as follows:
    50% will be a direct donation to the Stollery Childrens hospital and Kids with Cancer Society.

    The calendars are of really nice cars and girls. Im placing the order in a week and a half. So let me know if you want one then I can put you on my the list. I would need the money before I send the order in though because its a preorder. The calendars will be ready by November 22. Also if you know anyone else you might be interested let them know.
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    Hi, I would be interested in purchasing the calendar please let me know what I need to do to purchase one

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