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    Hi, I was just wondering if anybody else has had this problem before with Within their coupon section, whenever I try to print my coupons I keep getting the same message over and over again. "An Error Occurred". This has been going on for the past 4 days!
    I have tried using 3 different browsers (Firefox, internet, chrome), changed computers twice (desktop, laptop) changed printers twice, cleared my cache history, uninstalled java then re-installed java and STILL they will not print for me.
    I've emailed their contact information listed on their website but still no reply. I've even scoped out their Facebook page and another person brought up the same issue. They responded with "try clearing your cache history" Which i have already TRIED many times.
    I've private messaged them on Facebook as well to see if they will respond faster than the contact email listed on their website.
    VERY frustrating... I would love to use these coupons because I love the Kraft products but this is just becoming annoying! Has anybody else had this issue and has anybody gotten any other answers on how to fix this? I just want the coupons sheesh....
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    Same problem here. It said my Java need to be updated. I updated it and then got an Error Occurred message.

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