My museum memberships are about to expire and I am a museum nut but my DH is not. So I was wondering if there were any single parents or people who have a spouse like me...that is not interested in museums who would want to split a family membership or two with me. I am an immigrant and don't have my siblings in the area to do this with.

If you get a family membership to the biodome it is now 84 dollars. This is good for 2 adults and 3 children and if you read the fine print you can use it for the jardin botanique and planetarium during specific months. So if you wanted to split it with me for 42 dollars you can go to all three places with your child an unlimited number of times.

If you get a basic membership to the Montreal Science Center it is 95 dollars but this includes free entry to hundreds of museums across Canada and the US...and a few other places. It is good for two adults and three children as well. So for 48 dollars you can go to the science center with your child or two children an unlimited number of times and go to as many science centers as your travels will take you.

I was thinking to split a family membership with another family and for less than 100 dollars have an unlimited number of educational activities for myself and my daughter. I could meet said person at the museum the day of the purchase....or meet at another time with the cards in hand.

I would also be interested in getting a gold season pass to laronde with another family...56.99 per person if I can find 2 people to buy season passes at the same time. If you are interested PM me. I want to buy the memberships by mid May.