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    I don't have a credit card with rewards yet. I'm already an Airmiles (mostly petro/gas purchases) and Aeroplan member. Which is better? for travel tickets in 2 years time or whatever

    Looking for one with no/low annual fee as well.

    Any suggestions pleaseeee
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    I think it depends on where you think you are going to travel and how many rewards will be required by the carrier. In this section - there is a notification of a new AMEX card that gives you an automatic 30,000 rewards. There is a fee - but that fee has been waived for the first year. American Express also has an air miles card that has a fee - an last year when we signed up - they advised the first year fee was waived.

    BUT- American Express is not accepted all over the place. You would be best to search out who has the best deal with Mastercard or Visa. RBC also has reward miles and they can be used for many things - including travel. It is too bad that there are so many choices because I find it very difficult to be loyal to one store with all the offers out there.

    Another thing to consider is where you shop - if you are shopping at small retailers - the opportunity to gain the rewards will have to be on the credit cards they accept.

    You don't mention how many airmiles you have - one good thing about them is they do not go away. I think Aeroplan changed recently and the miles are good for longer than they have been in the past - but there may still be an expiry.

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