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    HERE in the Site Related forum.
    Table of Contents of this thread:

    Post #1 in this thread
    A list of mods and an over view of the thread.

    Post #2 in this thread:

    Post #3:
    Searching Before Posting

    Post #4
    Posting a New Offer

    Post #5
    Posting a US/UK Freebie

    Post #6
    Ordering Freebies

    Post #7
    Referral Links

    Post #8
    SC Icons Explained

    Post #9
    Site Related Questions/Comments

    Post #10
    SC Free Gifts

    Post #11
    Some Key Forums Sections

    Post #12
    Private Messages

    Post #13
    User CP (control panel)

    Post #14
    Candies Explained

    Post #15
    Giving Credit for Posts

    Post #16
    Reputation Explained

    Post #17
    Freebie and coupon related short forms

    Post #18
    Inserting a link into text

    Post #19
    Using an Image from your Album

    Post #20
    Rating a Thread

    Post #21
    Smart Canucks Cash Back

    Post #22
    Posting a Youtube video

    Post #23
    Trade Ratings

    Post #24
    More to come.... PM me if you feel there should be something added.
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