When returning cores/castings of rebuilt auto parts don't expect to get your taxes or money back, you are only entitled to a store card/store credit. Parts purchased May 31, 2014 and cores retuned June 2, 2014
I purchased 2 Brake Calipers (Sheppard/Leslie). My issue is with the handling of the core charge. The core charge on this part is significant ($70 each), about the same as the cost of the part, and when purchasing the calipers I was told when I bring the cores/castings back I will get the money back. They charged for the cores plus tax (HST), when I returned them on my way home from work (Weston Rd./401), they did not refund the tax. Also I wanted the refund on the same credit card that I used to purchase the item, but was told I could only get cash. They were not able to provide a receipt of the transaction because they could not figure out how to do the transaction on the POS terminal. I then called Customer Relations, talked to Amanda. She gave me the same false story about the taxes going directly to the government blah, blah blah. Based on my understanding of the Excise Tax Act the tax should be refunded, however there may be a special ruling by the CRA on core charges that I am not aware of. I only raised the issue because they did not do it through the POS and I thought if done properly it may have refunded the tax just like when you return any other product. Regarding the refund on my credit card Amanda said that I should be happy with the cash, they are only supposed to issue a store card. So you don't get the money back, you are forced to spend the credit at their store. I told Amanda that they should make the customer aware of that when making the purchase, but she did not respond to that, I guess it's just me. So unless you are OK with that policy, don't EVER, EVER buy an auto part with a core charge at Canadian Tire. It hurts because everybody who knows me will confirm that Canadian Tire is...was my favourite store. I tried to post a shorter version of this review on the Canadian Tire Product Review page but the posting was rejected even though I rated the part itself as excellent.