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    Hi there, I will be moving to Peterborough from Scotland. I would be grateful for any advice on who the best value for money supermarkets are?

    Can you buy cheaply from the supermarkets or is it worth joining a Costco type club?

    I would also appreciate any advice on where to buy good quality ground beef and chicken breast? I wont recognise the high or low end supermarkets as I am new to the area so any advice will be appreciated. Many thanks
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    Hello Scottishgirl,

    There are quite a few different grocery options in Peterborough. We have two No Frills stores, two Fresh Co's, two Walmart superstores, two Sobey's two Foodlands, an independant grocer, a Great Canadian Superstore, a metro, Farmboy, two Almost perfect (discount frozen food stores). Those are just the major chain stores that I am aware of. The No Frills and Fresh Co's are discount grocery stores, As for fresh meat I tend to purchase when it is on sale at either sobey's, Independant, or metro because the discount stores do not have butchers on the premises. The meat is shipped into these stores, it is not fresh and not usually very good in our experience. Costco has o.k meats too if you like to buy in bulk. You may pay a little more for the meats at the stores that I have suggested, but believe me it is worth it. I have tried buying fresh meats from the discount grocery stores here in town. You don't end up saving anything in the end if you either don't eat what you purchase because it tastes awful, or you can't chew it! If you would like to get more of an idea of the price line of products in the grocery stores check out the deals section of the forum, there's a thread there that is updated weekly containing weekly supermarket deals. You will be able to view the supermarket flyer deals there.

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