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Thread: No fuss No muss, and No BP #7 mailed home Oct 17

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    Expired on: Mon, Dec 1st, 2014
    Hi everyone!
    Welcome to the No Fuss, No Muss, No BP train, #7

    Anyone may join but you can not have any negative feedback

    For this train you will need to send every rider (including myself) 3 exact wishlist coupons or equivalent (please check expiry,upc,ect). Make sure you label to and from so we know who is we are sending/receiving coupons from...
    I do check every bundle to make sure all coupons are correct, so please double check before sending *upc's, dates, multiples, ect* If you have multiple errors I will send your envie back to you without the coupons that have been sent for myself.

    Mail date - tba usually about 2-3 days after the train fills
    Coupon Expiry - November 30th (This could change if the train takes a while to fill) *If you're willing to accept an early expiry please indicate on your wishlist beside the coupon*

    Please send your wishlist and address in the same pm after requesting your seat in the thread - Im not chasing anyone for their address anymore, if you want a seat make sure your address is in your pm with your wishlist.. No address no seat sorry guys

    When making up your wishlist please make sure to have reasonable wishes. Please list 35 coupons before Fpc's, call-ins, and rare/hard to find coupons. 20 of these must be easily attainable (web or tear pads) see below for coupon values

    Fpc's = all coupons no matter the dollar value
    Call-ins = 2 coupons no matter the dollar value
    "P" stamps ($.85) = 1 - 2 missing coupons
    Ct money - $.50 = 1 coupon (this can be less but not more)
    NO Gc's (Unless they are reasonable - $1 or less)
    NO large sample requests (laundry pods, razors, poli-grip ect)

    Most Generous to conductor will receive 1 surprise FPC OR $4 Canadian Tire Money, OR 1 free Handmade item from my facebook page
    Second most generous will get a surprise
    *most generous is calculated by the coupon value multiplied by the point value.. Only wishlists coupons count towards most generous*

    Fine print:
    -I am not responsible to lost, stolen/missing, or misplaced envies
    -I wait 2 weeks from the mail date to send envies back even if all envies haven't arrived
    -feedback is MANDATORY. After feedback is left to all riders I will leave feedback for you.
    Train #197

    1. Cherie - Conductor
    2. Jody22002 - Mailed 10.06 -rec'd
    3. PEI Frugal Lady
    - Mailed 10.07 -rec'd
    4. Anna Michele
    - Mailed 10.06 -rec'd
    5. Chesterjes -
    6. Sonia977 -
    Mailed 10.06 -rec'd
    7. Nancy Minii
    - Mailed 10.08 - rec'd
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    Cherie's Wishlist:
    French, Stacking, TFT - No thanks *However if I list a upc its because I want that coupon ($, details, expiry) - if you have something similar pm me, later expiries are A-OK as long as all the details are still the same
    Store specific - Where indicated only
    Personalized - maybe - depends on the coupon/expiry (pm me)
    Multiples - no thanks unless noted (then only 2 for the required 3 for the train)
    Printed - Yes not the whole sheet, but no cut parts of the coupon and it must be clear and easy to read

    Count as 4 +
    $5 Code = 5
    Fpc Adult Cat food (no pro-plan please)
    Fpc Cherrios, corn flakes, rice krispies, mini wheats, KID friendly (pm me if you have something but dont see it listed)
    Fpc Glad good on sandwich bags
    Fpc Kelloggs Cereal valid on any = 5
    Fpc Kraft/ skippy Peanut butter = 5
    Fpc Kraft Philadelphia French Onion Dip 227g March 31st 2015 05545751
    Fpc Kraft Shredded Cheese with a touch of Philadelphia 300g (Creamy Mozza, Creamy Herb & Garlic or Creamy Mexicana) March 31st 2015 05545676
    $5 Oasis
    $5 Playtex call in (valid on feminine products) = 5
    $5 Colgate-Palmolive = 5
    $5 company call ins ($5 Marc Angelo, Sc Johnson, Schienders)
    $5 Ziplock ??
    $4 Chapman's Ice cream Valid on any product

    Count as 3 - multiples more then welcome
    Fpc Always??? << I really wish this would exist!
    Fpc Arm & Hammer Cat Litter
    Fpc - Anything from my wishlist
    Fpc Bread (wonder, dempsters, villaggio, McGavins)
    Fpc Cereal (kids kind only please *mini wheats (not centers), cheerios, frosted flakes, fruit loops, ect*)
    Fpc Chips (old dutch, lays, ruffles) anything else please pm
    Fpc Chocolate bars (Dairy milk, M&M's, snickers, mars, twix, pm me first for anything else)
    Fpc Coffee (good on grounds for a regular coffee maker or K-cups)
    Fpc Congra - valid on various products
    FPC Gay Lea, Nordica, or Lacteeze Product, any (O2707860, Oct 31 14)
    Fpc Iogo
    Fpc J&J (Band-aid, tylenol, aveeno, clean and clear, shampoo ect)
    Fpc Kitten food (kitten chow, whiskas, friskies)
    Fpc minigo
    Fpc Oasis 960ml
    Fpc Tetley Tea - Orange Pekoe (72's), all sizes Decaffinated, Herbal, Green and Flavored Black Teas or Infusions (6x30ml) NED 08116938
    Fpc Whiskas dry cat food
    FPC Yogurt tubes

    Any Amount Maxx Cat litter

    $1 Colgate Palmolive call in *** RRRLF
    $1 Sunrype (call in from company valid on any I use it on juice boxes and 1L) ***RRLF
    $1 Heinz Dollars - good on beans
    $1, $2, $3 Campbells call in
    $3 any Cashmere, Scotties, Sponge Towels, Purex, or White Swan Product, 12017052, Dec 31, 2015 **RRRRLF
    $2+ Danone Call in
    $2 Tylenol Call in (green J&J) 2015 ****RRRRLF
    $2 Advil Liqui-gels valid on any size (NED) ***RRRLF
    $2 Kelloggs (valid on any product/cereal)
    $2+ Quaker (pepsi-co) call in
    $3 Kimberly-Clark valid on various products
    $3+ Maxx Clumping cat litter
    $3 Whiskas Dry Food for Cats (1.4-9.1kg), Dec or April expiry *peelie*
    $3+ Toilet paper (charmin, Purex, Royale (valid on regular *not 3 ply or velour*) only please)
    $5 Maple leaf good on various

    Shell Canada GC's remaining balance of $1 or more

    Im also pretty open to any food/beverage fpc (must be true fpc not wub)** PM ME BEFORE SENDING as there are some things I will not accept

    Unicorn wishes, count as 3
    Sugar - red path or rogers (no sweeteners)
    dairyland milk 2% - NOT organic valid on 2L/4L
    Red Rose tea (good on canadian breakfast)
    Minute rice boxes good on white
    Cracker barrel cheese block good on Medium cheddar or marble - NOT wub

    Count as 2
    Any call in from the following - Kimberly clark (huggies), Dare, General Mills, Hain-Celestial, Quaker, playtex, pepsi-co multiples welcome
    Beggin strips/ t-bonz dog treats multiples welcome
    $3 off Berries or bananas wub this cereal (peelie)
    $2+ Brita water filter - just the filter(s) for the jugs not water bottles/ not wub the containers or system
    $1 Off this can of Campbells soup 00926052
    Disney movie rewards codes (Please pm me first before sending, as you cant submit the same movie(s) twice)
    $.50/$1 Dare call in valid on wagon wheels multiples welcome RRRRRRLF
    $2 Delisso pizza (no garlic stuff vintage pizzeria is A-OK)
    $1.50 Delissio Thin Crispy Crust Pizza 10038228 Dec.31/14
    $1 with the purchase of a box of participating General Mills cereals 330g - 505g June 15 2015 UPC 76146174
    $1 J&J Call-in (J&J baby)
    Kelloggs pins and forms from cereal for gas card
    $1.50 Kellogg's Corn Flakes or Two Scoops Raisin Bran cereal (625g-680g) Nov 30 71198675
    Kraft Peanut butter good on regular
    $.75 Manns Veggies Dec 31 2014 16500439 Multiples please!
    $1 any Mann's product Dec.31/14
    Playtex call in Valid on feminine products
    $1.50 Purex TP
    $3 Royale Tiger towels Dec exp
    $2+ Toilet paper (purex, royale, charmin, cashmere only) multiples welcome
    $1 U by Kotex (not tween if those are still around) Multiples welcome ***RRRLF
    $1.50 U by kotex product **RRLF
    Yoplait Yogurt tubes

    Count as 1
    After eight 10039120 or 10039117
    Always Infinity (wub 1)
    Always liners
    $1 Astro yogurt upc 11911816
    $1 on the purchase of any Black Diamond Cheestrings (16 pack or 28 pack) OR Black Diamond Funcheez exp. Dec. 31, 2014
    Barilla Pasta valid on any ***RRRRLF Muyltiples please
    Carnation hot chocolate
    $1 Clover Leaf gourmet flavoured white tuna 142g, {Dec expiry only 1 per rider} *April expiry multiples welcome*
    Dr. Oetker pizza, Dec 31 2014 88625498
    Downy Sample (liquid or unstoppables)
    Dove anti-perspirant (wub 1 only) printable is A-OK **If its $2 or more it will count as 2**
    Europe's best frozen fruits (not essentials - if sending a call-in it counts as 2)
    Friskies DRY cat food
    $.50 Hamburger helper
    Save $3 wub any 2 high liner 227-750g products Exp Oct 1 2014 till June 30 '15 UPC 12605307
    $$ Highliner -*** Valid on any product ***- Not specific like flame savours yuck!
    $0.50 any 2 bottles of Jones Soda exp Dec. 31, 2014 #61500219 RRRLF Multiples please
    Kelloggs pins with attached forms from Snacks for Gas card
    Lean cuisine/Stouffers pins (unused) = $1.25
    $2.50 wub 2 Live clean products *NOT BABY*
    Lunch mate Bucks
    McDonalds Coffee sticker(s) (stuck to wax paper is fine) = $1
    $1 wub 2 Motts Fruitsations (must be good on regular applesauce *not just fruit + veggies* Dec. 31, 2014
    $0.50 nature valley 160-230g may 2015
    Nature valley Lunch box bars
    $1 any Nescafe Specialty Variety (Cappuccino or Latte), 10038390, Sept 30, 2015
    Nestle Good start baby formula (valid on the purple can) *For my new born Neice if $5+ will count as 2*
    Pantene Shampoo or/and conditioner valid on any (not type specific)
    Purex bathroom tissue not enviro please multiples welcome
    $1 Quaker product Excl individual bars ect Dec 31 2014
    Rimmel Stay matte sample (ivory)
    $1.50 Ready Crisp Bacon (websaver?)
    Smuckers jam valid on any 2015 exp {1 per rider}
    $2 Tropicana Farmstand Dec 31
    Wiskas Dry cat food

    Jody's wishlist:
    Printables:N unless specified
    Store Specific:N
    Multiples Y unless specified
    Coupon with a name on it: y

    Counts as all:

    Any FPC(no inserts/protein bars)
    4.00 Chapman's(RRRRRLF)
    FPC Cheese
    5.00 Colgate/palmolive
    Any 2.00+ Call In(J&J, etc
    5.00 keurig tea(RRRRRLF) hoping for a new one
    5.00 on any one box of kkups
    5.00 Lavazza coffee
    FPC lean Cuisine or Stouffers
    BOGO Liberte yogurt
    3.00 Maxx Litter
    FPC A&H litter
    FPC McCain pizza
    FPC Nature path
    FPC Naturegg
    5.00 wub3 Olymel RRLF
    5.00 Physicians Formula
    5.00 Pillers
    FPC protini
    FPC Tea
    2.00/3.00 J&J call in
    3.00 off bread wub ziploc
    3.00 off bananas or berries wub this cereal
    5.00 Royale Velour
    2.00 on any Rubbermaid
    FPC Schick razors
    2.00 Triscuit(on one)
    Full McDs coffee card

    Cts 2

    Any 1.00 call in
    1.00 Ace Bakery
    1.00 Allen's apple juice
    3.00 Always discreet on one
    1.50 Astro yogurt 650 ml tub French ok
    4.00 Aveeno hair NED
    Bogo Bassillis best
    1.00 Bearpaws
    1.00 belvita on one
    1.50 beneful wet
    2.00 billy bee
    .75 Blue Diamond NED
    .55 Bolthouse carrots
    1.00 bolt house farms
    1.00 Campbell's Soup
    1.00 Chapman's
    3.50 Colgate Mouthwash
    3.00 Colate Sensitive Pro(on one)
    2.00 Country Naturals Sliced meat
    3.00 Crest or Scope mouthwash 750ml and up
    3.00 Danone RRRLF
    1.00 Dare
    1.50/2.00 Delissio
    Del Monte juice boxes
    .75 Dempsters tortilla
    .75 any Dole salad peelie(RRRRLF)
    1.00 Diana's
    Driscoll Berries(RRRRLF
    fresh Express salad
    1.00 General Mills
    2.00 Glad Outdoor bags
    2.00 gay lea
    75 gay lea Peelie
    2.00 Gay Lea whipped cream
    gay Lea butter
    1.00 Glad storage
    2.00 Glad indoor/outdoor bags
    2.00 Head & Shoulders on one
    .75/1.00/2.00 Johnsonville
    1.00 Kelloggs Peelie
    1.50 wub2 Kelloggs Snacks(((RRRRRRLF)))
    2.00 Kellogg's cereal(on one)
    3.00 on one box Kkups(RRRLF)
    .75 Koolaid
    1.00 lunchable
    75/.1.00 mann's
    .50 Mapleleaf(good on any)
    Marc Angelo
    5.00 Mapleleaf
    McCain Superfries
    2.00 nesfruta
    2.00 Nestea water enhancer
    2.00 Nestea 12 pk
    1.00 Nestea/good host
    7.00 wub2 Neutrogena
    5.00 wub2 Neutrogena
    .50 Oasis Fruit Zoo
    1.00 Oasis 5 x200ml
    2.00 Olymel smart
    2.00 Olymel pink peelie RRLF
    .50 Ocean Spray
    1.00 Orville Redenbacher peelie
    1.00 12 pack Pepsi
    1.00 12 Pk Canada Dry
    B1g1 Pepsi/lays
    1.00 Pert Plus
    1.00 Philly brown sugar or French onion
    2.00 Pintys NED
    3.00 Royale
    2.00 Schweppes
    1.50 Scotties
    SC Johnson Peelie
    2.00 wub2 Special K popcorn chips
    BOGO Special K Shakes
    1.00 Special K crisps on one
    1.00 Stagg chilli on one
    2.00 Tropicana Farmstand
    3.00 Kelloggs Shakes
    2.00 Kelloggs breakfast sandwich
    1.00 wub2 kozy shack
    1.50 Lean Cuisine
    1.00 Liberte Peelie
    1.00 wub2 Maynard's
    miss Vickie's(RRRLF)
    1.00 Mott's Fruitsation on one
    .55 Organic girl
    1.00 Real Lemon
    3.00 Whiskas
    1.00 Yoplait tub
    2.00 wub2 Ziploc
    1.00 Ziploc bags
    1.00 Saran product on one
    3.00 Scope peelie on one
    .75 Canadian Tire money
    kelloggs pin for gas card

    Count as 1:

    Any Food Peelie(Surprise me)

    2.00 Advil NED
    1.00 Alcan BBQ Buddy(one per rider)
    Alymers Accents(not wub)
    1.00 Amooza
    2.00 Astro BioBest
    1.00 Astro not Greek good on 0% tubs
    Astro Yogurt Peelie
    2.00 Aveeno Hair
    2.00 Axe(on one)
    1.00 BD cheese slices
    1.00 Blue Water
    1.00 bounce
    1.00 wub2 Breton bites
    2.50 Brita on one
    .75 brizzoli bread
    1.00 Bush's Baked beans(insert great -on one)
    1.00 Buitoni
    3.00 Butterball
    .50 Campbell's soup
    Campbell's broth
    Campbells, Chunky
    1.50/2.00 captains crew
    1.00 Carnation hot chocolate
    Catelli Smart
    1.00 Chop Chop
    1.00 wub2 Christie Crackers
    .50 Cloverleaf tuna sald kit
    1.00 Clubhouse Vanilla
    Color Wonder
    Covergirl (no inserts)
    Cracker Barrel Cheese(good on blocks or slices)
    Cracker Barrel Snacks
    .50/.75/1.50 danone
    1.00 wub2 Dare Candy
    Dare Real Fruit Minis
    Del monte Fruit cups
    Del Monte World Juice
    Delvedeere Pasta
    Dempster's bagels apple is great
    1.00 Dempster's thin bread or tortillas
    .75 Dempster's white or whole wheat bread
    .75\2.00 Dempsters whole grain bread
    1.00 dole Salad NED
    1.00 Dole parfait
    1.00 Dole fruit n crisp
    1.00 Dole Squish Ems
    2.00 dove anti-pers.
    2.00 Dr. Pepper wub4
    1.00 Dunkaroos
    1.00 Earthbound Farms
    1.00 wub2 eggs
    Bogo Egg Creations
    1.00 Enjoy Life product
    1.00 Evian
    1.00 Frenchs mustard
    1.00 Frenchs infuser
    2.00 off fresh meat wub Saran
    2.00 off fresh meat wub ziploc
    1.00 off fresh meat wub ziploc
    2.00 Folgers kkup
    1.00 Gain
    2.00 Gain fireworks)
    Golden Dragon
    75 G.U.M
    .50 hamburger helper
    1.00 Hawaiian punch insert great
    1.00 highliner(good on any)
    .75/1.00 Iogo(not greko)
    1.00 wub2 italapasta
    1.00 wub2 Ivory
    1.50 Jameison
    1.00 wub2 any Jergens, John Frieda, Biore, etc
    2.00 Johnsonville burgers
    .50 wub2 Jones
    1.00 Kikoman
    2.00 Kiss My face
    1.00/1.50 Kotex
    1.00/1.50 wub2 or 3 knorr
    Lactania Butter
    .75/1.00 Lactania cream RRLF
    1.00 Lays
    1.00 Liberte Yogurt
    1.00 lily dale
    2.00 Liptons kkups
    4.00 l'oreal studio magic
    3.00 l'oreal true match
    2.50 wub2 maille
    1.00 Majesta toilet paper(not Ez flush)
    Mapleleaf prime whole chicken
    Marzetti dip
    1.00 Maestro Deli Meat
    Maxwell House pods
    2.50 milk bone brushing chews
    1.00 Milk2Go iced coffee
    3.00 Motrin
    1.00 Mott's Fruitsation wub2 is great
    1.00 Nature valley bars (
    .75\1.00 oasis health break
    2.00 wub2 Oasis and Del Monte
    .50 Ocean Spray
    Dr Oetker pizza
    1.00 OEP Restaurante kit
    1.00 Old Dutch cleaner
    1.00 Olymel Smart
    1.00 Orville Redenbacher
    1.00 Pataks
    5.00 Pedigree
    .50 Pillers
    2.00 poise
    1.00 Pringles Tortilla Chips(on one
    B2G1 Pringles Tortilla
    1.00 wub2 Pringles
    1.00/2.00 Purina cat litter
    1.00 Quaker
    1.50 Ready Crisp bacon
    1.50 wub2 Real Fruit Minis
    1.00 Renee's
    1.00 Reynolds
    1.00 Royale toilet paper(not just 3 ply) one per rider
    2.00 Royals Tiger Towels
    1.00 Ruffles dip
    1.00 Saputo shredded
    2.00 wub2 Saran
    1.00 Schneider's weiners
    .50 Shreddies Morning break
    3.00 Splenda
    .50 wub2 snapple
    2.00 Starbucks kkups
    1.00 Starbucks Refreshers
    2.00 Sunlight laundry
    .75 SunRype 1.36L
    1.00 SunRype chilled juice
    .75/1.00 Thai Kitchen
    2.00 Tide Pods
    1.50 wub2 Tostitos
    1.00 Uncle Bens(good on whole grain)
    Uncle Bens Rice and Sauce
    Uncle Bens Bistro Express
    Villagio garlic bread
    .50 Welch's
    Wet Ones
    2.00 Whiskas
    White Swan
    Wing Wong
    .25 Wonderbread
    1.00 Yoplait 16 pack
    1.00 wub2 Yoplait
    Any laundry sample(two teens going to university)
    Any Burt's Bees sample
    Advil sample
    Dish soap sample
    .50 Canadian Tire
    Lean cuisine/Stouffer's pin with upc

    PEI Frugal Lady’s wishlist
    store specific: n
    french: y
    toonies for tummies: y (Atlantic Canada only)
    printed: n
    web/brandsaver: y y / gocoupons: y
    Multiples- please ask

    Worth 3!!
    Any FPC (PM to confirm)
    FPC Yogurt- RRLF
    FPC - Deli Meat
    FPC- Dr Oetker’s Pudding
    FPC- Purina Puppy Chow (
    FPC Tim Hortons/McDonald’s coffee
    $10 Robax

    Worth 2
    $2 Diet Coke 12x 355ml
    $0.50 Coca Cola Prod
    $1 Lays Oven Baked Chips
    B1G1 Old El Paso
    $ Any Pepsi Co Prod
    $1 Heniz any Prod
    Any Activia
    Any CT $$ (RRLF)

    Worth 1
    $2 Neo Citren
    $4 Lakota
    $3 Aleve
    $2 Tide
    $1 wyb 2 Doz Eggs
    $1- Weight Watchers Products
    $1 Danino
    $1 Arctic Gardens any prod
    $1.50- Oikos Greek Yogurt (any)
    $1- Danone Greek Yogurt
    $0.75 -Dempsters Pitas/Wraps
    $1-Summer Fresh Greek Yogurt
    Downy Unstopables & Downy Liquid, $3 WUB both, Dec 31 2015
    $2 Gain Fireworks product, Dec 31,2015
    $1 Summer Fresh Hummus
    $1/$0.50 Special K Cracker Chips
    $1 Special K Popcorn Chips
    $2 Fanta Prod
    $1 on Yoplait Source 650g or 16X100g or Source Greek 4X100g or 8X100g yogurt
    $0.50 on any Piller's product
    Save $1 when you buy 2 Kraft BBQ Sauce (455ml, any variety) printable
    Save $1 when you buy 2 Kraft BBQ Sauce (455ml, any variety)
    $1 on a box of Special K Chocolatey Caramel or Cookies & Creme flavoured Pastry Crisps (125g)
    $2 on Yoplait Yopa 4X100g
    $1 on Pot of Gold 200-283g chocolates
    $1 on Cream of Wheat hot cereal
    $ 2.00 Schweppes
    $0.50. Glad Cling Wrap
    $1 Iogo
    $1 Campbells Ready to serve broth
    $1 Nutri Whip wub 2
    $1 Canada Dry Motts
    $2 Kraft Shredded Cheese
    $1 Orville Redenbacker Popcorn
    Any Activia
    Canned Veggies (any)
    Handi Snacks
    Hunts/Jello Puddings
    Nordica Cottage Cheese
    Shake & Bake Chicken Seasoning
    Helmann’s Mayo RRLF
    Campbells Condensed soups
    Sheriff Pie Filling
    Dawn Dish Soap

    Samples Worth 3
    Any Laundry Sample
    Downy Unstoppables Sample
    Advil Nighttime Sample
    Any Laundry Sample
    Gain Fireworks
    Gain Flings
    Snuggle Liquid
    Snuggle Scent Booster
    Dawn Dish Soap
    Tide Pods

    Aeroplan Points

    I am easy to accommodate; don’t send stamps- just PM me and we can work something out I like samples too
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    Anna Michele’s Wishlist

    French/Printed - no thank you
    Multiples - please ask
    Store Specific – Please ask
    I can only stack at target

    Count as 3

    FPC Vector
    $5 Shoppers Drug Mart PLU 21025
    FPC Oasis Feb.28/15
    FPC General Mills Product 76129924 Dec.31/14
    FPC Kellogg's 71384245 (NED)
    FPC Glad 01215423 (NED)
    $9 Reser’s 71117399 (NED)
    $5 Maple Leaf Prime product 74602676 Dec.31/14
    $5 OB, Carefree, or Stayfree Products 25333291 Dec.31/14
    $5 Con-Agra 44408376
    $5 Colgate-Palmolive
    $5 Chapman's product 69301735 Dec.31/14
    $4 Chapman's product
    $5 Playtex 25333190 Dec.31/14
    $5 off Cascades Dec.31/15
    $3 any Cashmere, Scotties, Sponge Towels, Purex, or White Swan
    $3 or $2 Royale Velour Bathroom Tissue
    $3 or $2 Royale Tiger Towels

    Count as 2

    $2 Quaker Fibre & Omega-3 bars (175g, any flavor) 15106520 Dec.31/14
    $2 off 12x341ml NESTEA or 12x355ml NESTEA COOL product 65314236 Dec.31/14
    $1 wub2 dozen eggs 35001341 Dec.31/14
    2.00 MarcAngelo product 27911078 Dec.31/14

    count as 1

    $1 Schneider's Lunchmate Stackers or Kits Product 00608637 Dec.31/14
    $1 any High Liner 227-700g product 12605244 Dec.31/14
    $1 any High Liner 227-750g product 12605291 June 30/15
    $1.50 Highliner Captains Crew 750g 12605295 Mar.31/15
    $1.50 High liner captain's crew 750g 12605318 June 30/15
    $1 Buitoni Pizza 10038534 Sept.30/15
    $2 Delissio Vintage Pizzeria Pizza 10038329 Sept.30/15
    $1 Dr. Oetker pizza, 88625498 Dec.31/14
    $1 Chapman's Ice Cream product 69301780 Dec.31/14
    $1 Dr. Oetker Casa di Mama Pizza 88624189 or 88624192 Dec.31/15
    $1.50 any Delissio Thin Crispy Crust Pizza 10038228 Dec.31/14
    $1.50 Buitoni Pizza 10038664 Dec.31/14
    $1.50 Buitoni Pizza
    $1 Oasis Premium or Health Break product 1.75L 2250995 July 31/15
    $1 Oasis Nutrisource 1.36L OR Allen's apple juice or cocktails 1.89L 2250996 July 31/15
    $1 Oasis 8x200ml or 5x200ml OR Rougemont apple juice 2L 2250997 July 31/15
    75c Del Monte product 8x200ml or 5x200ml, any flavor 2250998 July 31/15c
    75c Del Monte 1.6L any flavor 2250999 July 31/15
    50c Oasis Organic, Classic, FruitZoo or Fruits etc, 960ml 2251000 July 31/15
    $1 Carnation Hot Chocolate Product 10038374 Sept.30/15
    $2 any Tropicana Farmstand 74323712 Dec.31/14
    75c Oasis 1.75L 2250968 Mar.31/15
    $1 SunRype 1.75L Chilled Juice 22308896 Sept.13/15
    50c Oasis 960ml, 8x200ml, 5x200ml 2250985 Dec.31/14
    50c Del Monte juice 1.6L, 960ml, 473ml, 8x200ml, 5x200ml) 2250984 exp Dec 31/14
    $1 RealLemon or RealLime product 945ml or 440ml
    $1 Allen Juice 1.89L 2250954 Dec.31/14
    $1 Rougemont apple juice 2L 2250955 Dec.31/14
    $1 Hawaiian Punch Dec.31/14
    $1 Tetley Tea (NED)
    50c Shreddies Morning Break Snack Mix
    $1 So Good Vanilla, Chocolate, Strawberry, or Light Vanilla, 1.89L 69107056 Dec.31/14
    $1 So Good Original, Fat Free Original, No Sugar Added Original, or Omega Original or Vanilla, 1.89L 69107043 Dec.31/14
    $1.50 off Danino Drinkable 29409798 December 31, 2014
    $1 Astro Original Yogurt (12 x 100g, 500g, 650g, 750g) 11911786 Aug.31/15
    $1 Astro Zero Yogurt (12 x 100g, 16 x 100g, 650g) 11911799 Aug.31/15
    $1 wub3 Astro Kik Drinkable Yogurt 11911803 Aug.31/15
    $1 any Astro Yogurt (12 x 100g, 16 x 100g, 500g, 650g, 750g) 11911816 Aug.31/15
    $1 Kraft Singles, Cheez Whiz or Velveeta
    $1 Kraft Singles process cheese product 450-1kg 05545881 Dec.31/14
    75c Saputo or Armstrong cheese of 300g+ 5070938 Jan.31/15
    $1 Kraft Grated Cheeses 141-200g 05546305 Mar.31/015
    $2 Astro BioBest Yogourt 750g 11911731 Dec.31/14
    $1.50 wub2 Black Diamond Slices (500g) 46216856 Dec.31/14
    $1.00 when you buy 3 Astro Kik drinkable yogurts (single serve 200ml)
    $1 Astro Yogurt(excludes 175g and 200ml)
    $1 any Astro Yogurt excluding 175g, and 200mL single serve 11911555 Mar.31/15
    75c Lactancia butter 454g 46216830 or 46216957 or 46216579 Dec.31/14
    75c ANY Gay Lea June 2015
    50c ANY Gay Lea June 2015
    $1 wub3 Knorr
    $1.50 wub3 Knorr
    $2 Dempster's 100% Whole Grains Bread, any (12524307, Dec 31 14)
    $2 Dempster's Healthy Way bread Dec.31/14
    $1 on ANY Quaker Product 15305897 Dec.31/14
    $1 Uncle Ben's Bistro Express 08310112 June 30/15
    75c Dempsters Tortillas 12523942 Dec.31/14
    $5 wub3 Maple Leaf Natural Selections Hot Dogs, Bacon, or Sliced Meats Products 00608477 Dec 31/14
    $2 Schneider's Country Naturals Sliced Meats, 00608695 Dec.31/14
    $2 Maple Leaf Natural Selections Sliced Meats 00608682 Dec.31/14
    $1 Maple Leaf product 00608161 Dec.31/14 peelie
    $1 Schneider's wieners 450g 00608259 Dec.31/14 peelie
    50c Goldseal product 68901426 Dec.31/14
    $1 Nature Valley lunch box 76147210 Dec.31/14
    $1 Orville Redenbacher's specially marked product 44409180 May 31/15
    $1.50 wub2 Kellogg's snack
    $2 Miss Vickie's chips 200g-220g 23314724 Dec.31/14
    50c wub2 Kraft Handi-snacks 87g 15043926 Dec.31/14
    $1 Dole Live Right Bites
    $1 Robin Hood Flour 09244795
    $1 Robin Hood Oats 09244809 Aug.31/15
    $1 wub2 cans of Carnation evaporated milk 51527828 Aug.31/15
    50c Crisco one cup stick all-vegetable shortening 515227844 Aug.31/15
    $1.50 Folgers 750g 30404117 Aug.31/15
    $1 Billy Bee honey 375g 20905499 Aug.31/15
    $1 Club House Pure Vanilla Aug.31/15

    Chesterjes’s Wishlist
    french - yes
    printable - yes unless it says no
    multiples – no more than two or pm me to ask please most times I will take more
    store specific –
    walmart any others pm me please
    Counts as 3:
    fpc adult movie admission (cineplex)
    Fpc Bassili's Best
    fpc catelli
    Fpc Cavendish Frozen Potato Product
    fpc cereal
    fpc cheemo perogies
    fpc cheeses
    fpc eggs
    fpc frozen Veggies
    FPC JnJ Replacement Product
    fpc juice
    fpc laundry soap
    fpc mccain
    fpc old el paso
    pretty much any fpc –over $3 value no pet, septic
    $3.00 any mccain
    $5 arctic gardens
    $5.00 Chapmans
    $5.00 platex
    $5.00 Ziploc
    fpc baking Mixes
    fpc bread
    fpc chocolate
    Fpc Nestle Nesfruta
    $5 Gift Certificate on any Olymel product
    fpc philly
    fpc yogurt
    FPC diapers
    FPC wipes
    Counts as 2:
    $1 Driscoll’s
    $1 Black Diamond Cheesestrings
    $1.00 Bush's Beans
    $2 Childrens Advil 12925227
    el monterey
    $3 Marc Angelo
    $ off meat or chicken (if wub please pm me to check)
    $1 Cheemo Perogies
    $2 wub 2 dozen eggs
    $2/$1.50 Mrs. Vickie's
    $1 on any Heinz product
    $0.50 ct money (RRLF...Bike fund for DD)
    Danone certificate
    $5 wub3 Danone products
    65c Reser’s (NED)
    Disney Rewards Codes
    $2 nesfruta peelie
    FPC Mcdonalds ice cream cone or drink (no fries, Olivia wont eat them)
    JnJ Mailout
    Pediasure cheques
    any mailout - not picky
    any gift card with a balance of $1 or under
    pretty much any fpc –under $3 value not pet or septic <- FPC counts as 3
    counts as 1:
    $0.30 ct money (RRLF...Bike fund for DD)
    any coupon from hamburger helper
    any coupon from old el paso
    arctic gardens-no printables -menu is great
    aylmer tomatoes
    barilla pasta
    basillis best
    basillis pins or upc
    bear paws
    campbells -any
    catelli pasta
    cheese whiz
    chef boyardee
    chips/tortilla chips-any kind –especially miss vickies wub okay
    coke/pepsi/dr pepper products - no cans please I buy the 6x710ML
    cranberry juice
    danino yogurt/tubes/drinks
    ed smith pie filling
    fibre 1 granola bars
    fresh/frozen, veggies, fruit, meats (no ham or seafood)
    frozen juice
    frozen meals – ie swansons, tv dinners etc
    frozen veggies
    Gerber graduates meals and drink please
    hamburger helper
    Hawaiian punch
    Hungry man / swanson Microwave dinners
    janes chicken
    Johnsonville sausage
    juice boxes -not wub
    $1 wub (2/3) knorr products
    kraft dinner/mac and cheese
    liberte yogurt
    Lunchmate/lunchables -with fruit okay
    lunchmate bucks
    maple leaf
    marc Angelo
    minute maid juice
    nesfruta not wub
    ocean spray juice or craisins
    oikos yogurt
    old el paso *any*
    olymel-chicken please
    pasta sauces-no newmans
    peanut butter-no adams, no chocolate please, flavors ok
    philly cream cheese or dips
    pillsbury -especially toaster strudels
    pizza pops/pockets
    purex toilet paper
    Royale toilet paper -regular tp only please (no velour)
    salad kit or bagged- dole or fresh express etc
    sheet of stickers (girly ones for my daughter)
    stouffers pins with upc
    tomato paste/sauce -any brands
    yoplait tubes
    Collecting for others:
    poise pads
    loreal expert
    st. ives
    Childrens Benadryl not printable
    kool-aid - unicorn??
    Simply brand lemonade
    trop 50 lemonade
    really looking for stuff for my daughters lunch (she is 4)
    if you don’t see it or if i have a date down and you have something different please easy to get along with and don’t know everything that is out there

    Sonia977's wishlist
    French/printed: no
    Store Specific: no unless otherwise stated
    I can not stack

    Upcs don't matter. I have them listed because I copied the coupon from the available coupon list. If you have a coupon with a longer expiry date than what I listed, that is perfectly fine .....but if I put NED then only NED

    Counts as All

    FPC Enfamil A+ Nursette 6pk 6x59mL Bottles, 30220140, Dec 31,
    Enfamil $8....must be good on tub.... gentle ease ok
    Similac white check $5 or $10 or $15
    Any FPC... but not energy bars or baboo drink
    Canada Dry Mott's,
    FPC any 12x355mL Crush product (max value $6.49), 12809107, Dec 31,2014
    Canada Dry Mott's,
    FPC (1) 2L Schweppes Ginger Ale or Diet Ginger Ale (max value $2.89), 12809240, Dec 31,2014
    $4 any Chapman's product, 69301748, Dec 31,2014
    $4 any Chapman's product, 69302057, Dec 31,2015
    $5 any Chapman's product, 69301735, Dec 31,2014
    Disney Movie code... please pm me to be sure I didn't already have that movie
    Kellogg's pin for gas card from cereal box

    Counts as 2...
    $1 Cheemo Premium Perogies 907g bag or box, NED
    $1 any Dare Cookies, Crackers, Candy or Fine Breads, 11624468, NED
    $1 any Dare Cookies, Crackers, Candy or Fine Breads, 11616261, NED
    $1 Diana Sauce or Marinade, 05745715, NED
    Duncan Hines,
    $0.30 wub (2) packages of Duncan Hines Deluxe, NED
    $2 any Nestea 12x341mL or Nestea Cool 12x355mL product, 65314236, Dec 31,2014
    Royal Velour toilet paper $2 or more
    any call ins
    b1g1 Egg Creations
    Cereal pin

    Count as 1
    Food and Snacks:

    $0.30 on any variety of products, 24504300, NED
    $0.30 any Cavendish product, 24501835, NED
    Campbell's broth... the box ones
    $0.75 any Brizzolio Sliced Bread, 7540444, Dec 31,2014
    $0.75 any Dole Salad, 67324079, Feb 28,2015
    $2 any Driscoll's product, 14400387, Dec 31,2014 <- Call in so it counts as 2
    $1 Dr.Oetker Casa Di Mama Pizza,
    Ristorante Pizza,
    Egg Creations,
    BOGO any Egg Creations product, 42407892, Dec 31,2014
    Fresh Express,
    $0.35 any Fresh Express product, 87206357, Dec 31,2014 <- Call in so it counts as 2
    Gay Lea, $0.75 any Gay Lea product, 02707961, Jun 30,2015
    Gay Lea,
    $0.50 Gay Lea Spreadables Regular or Light, 02706551, NED
    General Mills, $0.50 any General Mills Canada Food product, 76141179, Dec 31,2015 <- Call in so it counts as 2
    Hellmann's mayo
    $1 wub (3) Knorr products, June or Dec 31,2014
    $0.50 any Nutella 725g Jar, 01010826, NED
    $0.75 any Johnsonville Sausage product, , Dec 31,2015
    $1 any Johnsonville product,, Dec 31,2014
    $0.50 any Michelinas Entree product, 47000269, Dec 31,2016 <- Call in so it counts as 2
    $1 wub (2) Nutriwhip products, 53549554, Oct 31,2014
    $1 Olivieri Fresh Pasta or Pasta Sauce
    $0.55 any Reser's product, 71117979, Dec 31,2014
    $0.65 any Reser's product, 71117405, NED <- Call in so it counts as 2
    Sweet Baby Ray's,
    $1 any 425mL Sweet Baby Ray's BBQ Sauce, 53100261, Aug 31,2015
    Robin hood flour... good on white flour
    Egg Creations NED
    Orvil Redenbacher ready to eat popcorn
    Lucky Charms Cereal... unicorn?
    Fresh Express salad


    $0.50 any Johnsonville Sausage product, 44204017, Dec 31,2015
    $0.75 any Johnsonville Sausage product, Dec 31,2015
    $1 any Johnsonville product, , Dec 31,2014 or June expiry
    Marc Angelo good on any
    Maple Leaf bacon
    Maple Leaf 50 cents good on any


    ASTRO valid on any
    Danone drinkable
    L'il ones baby yougurt
    Black Diamond Cheese Blocks
    Lactania Cream
    Lactania Butter
    Milk to Go
    Natrel...valid on any 1L or 2L product
    Tre Stelle,
    Bocconcini Cheese
    $1 good on any logo


    Canada Dry Mott's,
    $1 any Canada Dry product, 12809181, Dec 31,2014
    Canada Dry Mott's,
    $1 any Canada Dry 6x710mL or 12x355mL Canada Dry or C Plus Beverages, 12809237, Dec 31,2014
    $0.50 any Coca-Cola 1L product, 65313871, Dec 31,2014
    Del Monte, $0.50 on select Del Monte products, 2250984, Dec 31,2014
    Del Monte juice boxes
    $0.50 wub (2) bottles of Jones Soda, 61500219, Dec 31,2014
    $1 Oasis Premium or Health Break 1.75L, 2250995, Jul 31,2015
    $0.75 Oasis 1.75L Refrigerated products, 2250968, Mar 31,2015
    Hawaiian punch
    Schweppes/Canada Dry ... good on 2 L bottles or pack of 6 bottles


    Enfamil $8, $5 or $3 good on any..... if $8 counts as all
    $1 Pull-Ups Training Pants Jumbo Pack or larger, 49115026, Dec 31,2014
    $2.50 Pull-Ups Training Pants Jumbo Pack or larger, 49114225, Dec 31,2014
    Pampers Diapers- not inserts
    Pampers Wipes
    Pull up diapers... huggies or pampers
    Huggies diapers....not wub....not little snugglers or little swimmers
    Heinz Baby Food
    Gerber cereals, snacks, not Graduates entrées

    Cleaners and Household
    Nuk pacifiers

    $2 Glad Indoor OR Outdoor Bags (excl.20/24ct indoor bags & 8/10ct outdoor bags), 01224072, Oct 31,2014
    Royal Toilet Paper- not 3 ply - just the regular kind
    Cottonelle Toilet Paper
    Charmin toilet paper
    .40 Canadian Tire Money
    Breathe right sample...sealed
    Cashmere Toilet paper....regular brand
    Tide - good on liquid (not pods)
    Downy liquid
    $1 U by Kotex products, 49116595, Jun 30,2015
    Crest/Colgate toothpaste with no size restrictions


    lunchmate pins(5 points)
    Huggies or Pampers point codes
    Gymboree bucks or coupon codes
    Old Navy bucks
    kibbles and bits
    Superstore gas receipt cash.... every .50 =1 coupon
    VIB Shoppers drug mart coupon for pampers or Huggies diapers or wipes.... for shoppers points

    Nancy Minii's wishlist:
    Printables: N unless noted
    French: N Y
    Stacking: N
    Store specific: N
    Duplicates: Y
    Personalized Coupons: N

    Will take later expiry dates and UPCs are for reference only.
    PM me if you have something I may like but it is not on the list.

    Counts as 3
    All FPCs except mug cake, baby products, pet products, dishwasher products – PM me to okay
    Butterball, $10 any Butterball Turkey item, 06005098, Dec 31,2015
    Cineplex, $5 off a Movie Admission at Cineplex
    Colgate-Palmolive, $5 any Colgate-Palmolive product, 80006144, Jun 30,2015
    Kimberly-Clark, $3 any Kimberly-Clark products listed, 49116003, Feb 15,2015
    Kruger, $3 any Cashmere, Scotties, Sponge Towels, Purex or White Swan products, 12017052, Dec 31,2015
    Maple Leaf, $5 Complimentary Coupon on listed Maple Leaf products, 74602562, Dec 31,2014
    Maple Leaf, $5 any Maple Leaf Prime product, 74602676, Dec 31,2014
    Minute Maid, $2.50 Minute Maid, Bibo, Bacardi Mixers, Five Alive or Fruitopia, 59600907, NED
    Natrel, $5 Replacement Voucher for Natrel, Quebon, Ultra Cream, Le Petit Gaspesien, Hershey's Milkshake, Oh Henry Milkshake or Sealtest products, 80106207, Jan 1,2015
    Revlon, $5 on any Revlon or Almay products, 28712738, NED
    Royale, $3 Royale Velour Bathroom Tissue, 68008505, Dec 31,2014
    Royale, $5 Royale Velour Bathroom Tissue, 68008879, Dec 31,2014
    Royale, $3 any Royale Bathroom Tissue, Paper Towels, Facial Tissue or Napkins, 68004590, NED
    Royale, $5 any Royale Bathroom Tissue, Paper Towels, Facial Tissue or Napkins, 68004604, NED
    Schneider's, $5 Schneider's Chicken Pepperettes 375g, 00608002, Dec 31,2014

    Counts as 2
    Amore, $2 Amore 1.75L Carton, 69107027, Mar 2015
    Black River Angus, $5 any package of Black River Angus product, 27911049, NED
    Chapman's, Any value Any Chapman's product
    Christie, $2 any Triscuit Made with Brown Rice, 15044264, Dec 31,2014
    Club House, $1 Club House Pure Vanilla, 20905457, Dec 31,2014
    Colgate, $3 Colgate Sensitive Pro-Relief Toothpaste, 80006433, Nov 30,2014
    Colgate-Palmolive, $1 any Colgate-Palmolive product, 80006141, Jun 30,2015

    Dempster's, $2 NEW Dempster's 100% Whole Grains Bread, 12524307, Dec 31,2014
    Egg Farmers of Canada, $1 wub (2) Dozen Eggs, 35001341, Dec 31,2014
    Gay Lea, $2 on any Gay Lea, Nordica, Lacteeze products, 02703943, NED
    Gay Lea, $2 on any Gay Lea, Nordica, Lacteeze or Ivanhoe products
    General Mills, $3 on Fresh Bananas or Berries WUB this General Mills Cereal
    Kellogg's, $2 on any Kellogg's product, 71575852, NED

    Kimberly-Clark, $2 any Kimberly-Clark products listed, 49115983, Feb 15,2015
    Minute Maid, $2.50 Minute Maid, Bibo, Bacardi Mixers, Five Alive or Fruitopia, 59600907, NED
    Natrel, $1 any 2L or 4L Natrel product, 80106308, Mar 30,2015
    Pepsi-Co, $2 any Miss Vickie's Chips 200-220g, 23314724, Dec 31,2014
    Quaker, $1 with the purchase of any Quaker product, 15305897, Dec 31,2014
    Royale, $3 Royale Tiger Towels, 68008345, Dec 31,2014
    Royale, $2 Royale Velour Bathroom Tissue, 68008534, Dec 31,2014
    SC Johnson, $1 any SC Johnson product
    Tropicana, $2 any Tropicana Farmstand product, 74322712, Dec 31,2014
    Weston Bakeries, $1.50 any Weston Bakeries Baked product, 33003900, NED

    Counts as 1
    Any yogourt, $1+, not for kids or zip drinkables
    Astro, $1 Astro Original Greek Yogourt
    Astro, $2 Astro BioBest Yogourt 750g, 11911731, Dec 31,2014
    Alokozay, $1 Alokazay Tea, 69706569, NED
    Aquafresh, $0.50 Aquafresh Advanced Toothpaste, 83828179, NED
    Bolthouse, $0.55 Bolthouse Carrots, 71400434, Dec 31,2014
    Blue Diamond, $0.75 on 170g tins or 126g 100 Calorie Carton or 454g bag of Blue Diamond Almonds , 07504222, NED
    Campbell's, $1 off Campbell's Soup
    Carnation, $0.50 Carnation Hot Chocolate 225g-2.15kg Canisters OR 7-10ct Cartons, 10039162, May 31,2015
    Carnation, $1 any Carnation Hot Chocolate product, 10038374, Sept 30,2015
    Cavendish, $1 any Cavendish Farms product
    Christie, $1 wub (2) participating Christie products
    Crest, $4 wub (3) Crest 3D White Rinse, Paste or Brush
    D'Italiano, $0.75 any Brizzolio Sliced Bread, 7540444, Dec 31,2014
    Dr. Oetker, $1 Dr.Oetker Casa Di Mama Pizza, 88624192, Dec 31,2015
    Dr.Oetker, $1 any Dr.Oetker Pizza, 88625498, Dec 31,2014
    Eggo, $1 exp Sept 30, 2015
    General Mills, $1 any participating General Mills Cereals 330-505g, 76146174, Jun 15,2015
    Janes, $2 any 2lb or smaller Janes products, 57730585, NED
    Johnsonville, $1 any Johnsonville Sausage, 44204033, Dec 31,2015
    Kellogg's, $1 wub (2) Pringles Potato Chips 150-182g
    Kellogg's, $2 Kellogg's Special K Protein Flatbread Sandwiches 190-232g, 71198516, Nov 30,2014
    Kellogg's Nutrigrain Bars
    Kikkoman, 17902436, Mar 31,2016
    Knorr, $1.50 wub (3) Knorr products
    Kraft, $2 wub (4) participating Kraft products
    Kraft Peanut Butter- good on regular
    Lactantia, $0.75 Lactantia Butter 454g, 46216957, Dec 31,2014
    LeClerc, $1 any LeClerc Celebration product, 1980895, Dec 31,2014
    Liberte, $1 any Liberte product
    Maple Leaf, $0.50 any Maple Leaf product, 00608161, Dec 31,2014
    McDonalds, Buy (1) McCafe Espresso-Based beverage and get (1) FREE
    Michelinas, $0.50 any Michelinas Entree product, 47000269, Dec 31,2016
    <- this is a call in count as 2
    Natrel, $1 on this selected Natrel product, 1150267, Mar 31,2015
    Oasis, $1 Oasis Premium or Health Break 1.75L, 2250995, Jul 31,2015
    Oasis, $1 Oasis Smoothie 1.75L, 2250977, Dec 31,2014
    Olympic, $1 any Olympic product, 83702495, Dec 31,2014
    Robin Hood, $1 any Robin Hood product
    Saran, $1.50 any Saran product, 33693040, Dec 31,2014
    Sun Maid, $1 Sun Maid Raisin Bread, 12523229, Dec 31,2014
    Unico, $1 any Gallo, Safflo, Unico, Liberty, or Premium Collection product, 79103624, NED
    Ziploc:$2 off Fresh Meat WUB any 1 Ziploc product
    Ziploc, $1 any Ziploc Snack Bags, 33693301, Dec 30,2015

    If stuck, please PM me
    Last edited by cherielake; Sun, Oct 5th, 2014 at 07:48 PM.
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    Can I have a seat please?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jody22002 View Post
    Can I have a seat please?
    of course! Welcome Jody

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    me too please
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    Quote Originally Posted by Anna Michele View Post
    me too please
    Welcome Anna
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    me please...will send wishlist tonight after work or first thing in the morning if thats ok
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    Quote Originally Posted by chesterjes View Post
    me please...will send wishlist tonight after work or first thing in the morning if thats ok
    For sure! Welcome Chesterjes

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    Me please

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sonia977 View Post
    Me please

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    Can I have a seat please?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Nancy Minii View Post
    Can I have a seat please?
    welcome Nancy
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    Crap! - I forgot to add Eggos to my list count as 1, 2015 expiry please
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