This weekend, May 9th and 10th is the spring Winnipeg free curbside giveaway weekend. You can start putting things out on your front curb Friday clearly marked with a free sign or sticker and all weekend long have items you don't want find new homes. Things like household items, books, movies, working appliances, toys, tools, vintage, potted up extra perennials... pretty much anything really (that is safe and not recalled, or dangerous, etc..). You can then yourself look around and pick up the things you can use yourself. Check out the City of Winnipeg's website for all the details and etiquette, and what to do with any of the items that are still around by the end of Sunday.

This is a great way to get rid of larger things because the City of Winnipeg raised the large item pickup fee May 1st to now be $10 per item (things like furniture and large appliances).

Does anyone else participate with this? I had my items (sled, purses, books) get snapped up within an hour last time.