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    Expired on: Tue, Jun 16th, 2015
    For Trade:

    (2) $1 Barbara’s Puffins, Snackimals, Cheesepuffs, or Fig Bars, 84304142, June 30/16
    (1) $1 Breton Popped! Beans, Breton Bean, or Breton Gluten Free, 63702176, Aug 31/15
    (1) $1 Catelli Gluten Free Pasta Product, 10838378, July 31/15...pending
    (20) $1 WUB2 any Dare, 11625995, Sept 30, 2015
    (3) $1 Gardein, 42234190, Jan 31/16
    (1) $5 Glucerna 6pk drinks or 4pk bars, 18221985, June 30/15
    (4) $3 Glucerna 6pk drinks or 4pk bars, 18222018, June 30/15
    (1) $1 High Liner Selects 540g, 12605329, June 30/15
    (2) $1 Hormel Pepperoni, 85019517, Mar 31/16
    (3) $0.75 Keebler Ready Crust, 84400159, NED
    (1) $1 WUB2 Kozy Shack Products, 20170300, Dec 31/16
    (4) $1 Melitta Coffee Filters 40-200ct, 14709180, Dec 31/15
    (4) $2 Melitta Coffee (any blend) 126-930g, 14709177, Dec 31/15
    (1) $2 Promise Gluten Free Chia Seed Loaf, 11623064, Sept 30, 2015
    (1) $2 Promise Gluten Free Hamburger Buns, 11623056, Sept 30, 2015
    (1) $2 Promise Gluten Free Seeded Whole Grain Sandwich Rolls, 11623061, Sept 30, 2015
    (1) $2 Promise Gluten Free Seeded High Fiber Multigrain Bread, 11623055, Sept 30, 2015
    (1) $2 Promise Gluten Free English Muffins, 11623059, Sept 30, 2015
    (1) $2 Promise Gluten Free Raisin Bread, 11623066, Sept 30, 2015
    (5) $1 WUB2 Stride, Trident, Dentyne 3-4 Multipack, Maynards 170-185g bag, Caramilk, Wunderbar, Mr. Big, Crispy Crunch, Dairy Milk, or Cadbury Minis 120-200g candy bags, 15044482, Sept 30/15
    (1) $1 STAGG Chili, 85019521, Mar 31/16... pending
    (1) $1 Summer Fresh Dip or Hummus, 88101516, Dec 31/15
    (4) $2 Sweet Baby Ray’s BBQ Sauce, 53100287, June 30/15
    (1) $0.75 Zest 3.2oz Bar 6pk, 52501140, Dec 31/16


    FPC (most food/beverage/cleaning products… just ask)
    FPC Coppertone Sunscreen

    Unused PINS
    Kellogg’s PIN Code for Breakfast Item (from Cereal)
    2x Kellogg's PIN Code for Breakfast Item (from Nutrigrain Bars)
    2x Quaker PIN Codes for FPC

    $off Coupons
    Coupon Wishlist

    Advil (good on any)
    Alcan Aluminum Foil
    Allen’s Apple Juice
    Arm & Hammer Baking Soda
    Astro Kik
    Bahlsen Cookies NED
    Bassili’s Best
    Bear Paws
    Black Diamond (good on block/strings or slices)
    Black River Angus Burgers NED
    Blue Diamond Nuts NED
    Blue Dragon Sauces
    Bolthouse Farms Carrots
    Breton Crackers
    Butterball Turkey Burgers
    Campbell’s Soup
    Carefree Pantiliners
    Cavendish Frozen Potato Products
    ChocoMax Bars
    Christie Crackers (enough “triscuits” for now)
    Clubhouse Spices or Recipe Mixes
    Colgate-Palmolive Mail-Outs
    Dairyland Milk
    Danone (good on individual yogurt cups)
    Dare NED
    Delissio Pizza
    Del Monte Fruit Cans / Jars (not B2G1)
    Del Monte Juice
    Delverde Pasta
    Dole (Squish’ems, Fruit Cups, Canned Fruit)
    Dr. Oetker Pizza
    Dofino Cheese (good on Havarti)
    Earthbound Farms
    Edge Shave Gel
    El Monterey
    Europe's Best
    Farkay Noodles
    Finish Dishwasher Detergent $2
    French’s Salad Cravers (Dec Exp)
    Fresh Chicken
    Fresh Express Salads
    Fresh Produce
    Gain Liquid Laundry (Dec Exp)
    Gay Lea $2+
    General Mills (Good on Multiple Products)
    Gillette Shave Gel (long expiry)
    Glad Kitchen Catchers or Black Garbage Bags $2+
    Golden Dragon
    G.U.M. (good on EZ Thru Floss)
    Hawaiian Punch
    Helluva Good Dips
    Iogo (tubes or drinks)
    Janes Chicken
    Johnson & Johnson Call In (2016 exp)
    Jones Soda
    Kellogg's Cereal $2
    Kraft Singles
    Kruger (good on multiple products)
    LeClerc Cookies
    Maple Leaf Meats
    Marc Angelo
    McCain (not WUB)
    Michelina’s Entree
    Michelina’s Pizza Snax
    Mott’s Fruitsations
    Nestle Real Dairy Ice Cream
    Nestea/Good Host Iced Tea
    Newman’s Own Salsa
    Nutrigrain Bars
    Oasis Juice $1+
    Ocean Spray Juice
    Old Dutch Chips
    Old El Paso Taco Kits
    Olymel Meats
    Palmolive Dish Liquid
    Real Fruit Gummies (snack size)
    Reser's NED
    Robin Hood Flour
    Real Fruit Gummies
    Resaurante Tortilla Chips
    Skintimate Shave Gel
    Snuggle Fabric Softener
    Stayfree/Carefree $5
    Sunlight Dishwasher Detergent
    SunRype Juice (good on 900ml or 1L)
    SunRype Fruit Snacks
    Tetley (good on black tea)
    Twinings Tea (good on black tea)
    Tensor Products
    Uncle Ben's (good on any)
    VH Sauces (not WUB)
    Vinta Crackers
    Yoplait Multipacks
    Ziploc $5
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    389 (100%)

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