Looking to trade the following FPCs. Am not necessarily looking for FPCs in return.

9 X Nature Valley Nut Crisps or Oatmeal Crisp Special Edition Cereal FPC 7/24/2015 ONLY 76148170
5 X Cinnamon Chex, Fibre 1 Delights Crumble or Nature Valley Muesli Cereal FPC 7/31/2015 ONLY 76148183
1 X Revlon Colorsilk FPC 7/31/2015 28724038

Looking for: Iams Dry Cat Food, Danone Oikos, Black Diamond Cheese Bars, Whiskas (good on WET food), Knorr, Herbamare Salt, Natrel, Uncle Bens Bistro Express, Twistos, Babybel, Breton Crackers (good on the Crisps), Clubhouse Lagrille Seasonings, Coke, Cool Whip, Crystal Light Liquid, Dasani Drops, Nestea Nesfruta (or good on any), Glad Outdoor Garbage Bags, Real Fruit Gummies, Philly Cream Cheese or Cooking Creme, Sunchips, Ziploc ($1 Off), Crispers, Bits n Bites, Reynolds Parchment Paper, Maple Leaf, Cheez Whiz, Schneiders, Dempsters Wraps, Amooza Twist, Kraft/Cracker Barrel Cheese Bars, Chapman's, Classico, Danone Oikos, Iogo Greko, Liberte Greek Yogurt, Sunlight, Downy, Purex, Fleecy, Snuggle, Gay Lea Spreadables, High Liner PanSear Fish, Jell-o, Kraft Salad Dressings, Old El Paso Seasonings or Kits, Real Fruit Gummies, Splenda, OxiClean