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Thread: Lemon Balm for Anxiety/Depression

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    Hi All!

    I've been doing some research on natural remedies for anxiety. It seems as though Lemon Balm works quite well for people.

    I was wondering if anyone has ever tried Lemon Balm (or any other natural remedies) for anxiety and what your opinion is of the product is.

    Thanks so much for your help. Greatly appreciated.
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    See a counselor and talk it out. Nothing you eat will make you feel better. IMO.

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    It is different for every person. In my opinion no two mental health issues are alike. And this coming from someone who deals with it myself.

    After my first son I started having anxiety. After seeing a naturopath and discussing some things, trying some supplements, learning breathing excercises, and figuring out my triggers for anxiety I was able to get it under control and feel normal again.

    After my second son, I was totally fine. Now a year later my anxiety is back. I tried EVERYTHING I could think of. Ultimately medication and therapy is now my route and it's what I needed and that's ok.

    I'd say if there is depression involved it's important to at least tell your dr. Whether or not you go any further is your choice. But your dr can open up some ideas for you.

    Excercise is likely your most likely option to work. It's proven to work in mild cases. Eating well, and drinking enough water is very important too. You may need to cut foods from your diet. For me, that was coffee. And let me tell you how much that sucks!!! Sleep is very important. I personally find a combination of orange, lemon, and lavender essential oils the most helpful for my anxiety. Jasmine too. But again everyone responds different and you may need to try a few oils to find what works for you. Although, don't expect miracles. When my anxiety is mild diffusing oils does help (placebo maybe?) but in my full blown panic attacks nothing helps what so ever.

    Anyway, there are lifestyle changes that can (and should be made) to help anxiety and depression. But don't be afraid to at least start the discussion with your dr

    Good luck!

    Ps. I wouldn't use regular lemon balm herbs. You'd have to eat like bushes and bushes. Oils are your best bet as they are like 40-50 times for concentrated.

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