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Thread: Credit score / credit card questions

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    So I`m trying to get my finances in order. I received a letter from Amex regarding a balance transfer for a low interest rate.

    I inquired to do so, they don`t support tangerine, so they will send me the balance transfer checks instead.

    Question 1 ... Does 'transferring' these balances effect my credit score?

    Question 2 .. I`ve read various things about credit scores, what are the MAIN things that ruin your credit score?

    These transfers aren`t to stay stagnant. I always pay my bills on time, the minimum payment and then some, they are never late or missed..

    Isn`t that what keeps your score well?
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    You're basically opening a new card, which is good if you can keep it in check. If Tangerine submits to the credit bureau then closing that card once you start transfer the balance is not a good thing. If possible keep both cards open, this increases your available credit, which is good. Just keep them with low balances.
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