I guess it all depends on what you think is a good deal but there are games $9.96 and under for Xbox One that I think are worth picking up. For me I decided to get Madden 15 and NBA 2K14 for $4.96 each. Yes they are older versions but they still haven't been taken offline. Some other games listed at $9.96 and under .... NBA 2K15 for $6.96, AC Unity for $6.96, FIFA 14 for $6.96, WWE 2K15 for $9.96, Dragon Age: Inquisition for $9.96, Sunset Overdrive for $9.96, Saints Row IV: Re-elected and Gat Out of Hell for $9.96, Ryse: Son of Rome for $9.96, Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor for $9.96 and NHL 15 for $9.96. There are more that are discounted at $9.96 or lower and you may find some other games priced higher that you may think are good buys.

The bottom line is when you see the .96 in the price it means discounted and these may drop even more in price if you wait.

Also yes of course there is nicely discounted stuff for other systems too ..

In the pc section ....

I recommend Dishonored and Titanfall for $4.96 each. They are cheap and decent games and you get boxed copies if you are into that sort of thing.

In the 2Ds/3Ds section ....

Hey if you like crossword puzzles I guess you can't go wrong for $1.96. LOL!

As for the rest of the 2DS and 3DS games they don't seem like great buys to me but here is a link to the whole list ...

Soooooooooo .... yes there are good deals on The Source already but you may find better ones in the future. You just need to check once in awhile. It only takes a few moments of your day to look.

PS: Also you can get rewards money back if you belong to certain coupon/buy/survey sites that have The Source as a store to pick.