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Thread: Dishonest Couche Tard Experience

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    Couche Tard recently purchased the Esso gas station operations in Montreal.
    One of their marketing initiatives is to offer CAA dollars for in store purchases vs. the former EssoExtra points.

    When I visited a nearby Couche Tard store to purchase 1 liter 5W30 oil, the shelf price read $5.89.

    Not anticipating any deception, I didn't think to check my cash register receipt on the spot. It's a very busy store so who would imagine being cheated at the cash for small money?

    CHECKING MY BILL AT HOME: I discovered.....I had been charged $6.89 instead of $5.89 AND despite having submitted my CAA card to receive CAA dollars, the receipt specifed that I'd received None.

    I wrote an email to Couche Tard explaining my experience, including the store receipt details.

    By the end of the week Couche Tard replied that "I" should visit the same store and that the store manager would issue "an explanation" as to why I was cheated.

    An explanation Couche Tard wouldn't put in writing in an email reply.

    My car has a 90 liter gas tank.

    Costco and Petro Canada and Ultramar and Shell and anyone but Esso - Couche Tardwill sell me gasoline without my having to worry about being swindled at the cash and deprived of promotional CAA dollars to which I am entitled.

    Then being instructed to visit the same dishonest store for "an explanation" from the store manager.

    Couche Tard: Done. Your. Way.
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    You should also contact CAA they might give you a little bonus because of that incident. You never know!

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    Quote Originally Posted by moneytalks View Post
    By the end of the week Couche Tard replied that "I" should visit the same store and that the store manager would issue "an explanation" as to why I was cheated.

    An explanation Couche Tard wouldn't put in writing in an email reply.

    I love a good rant as much as the next person... however, sometimes I think we need to take a look at these situations using an outside perspective... maybe get an external opinion.

    There is no offense intended to moneytalks here, but this seems like a bit of an over-reaction to this situation.

    First... the Pricing error:

    Pricing errors happen everyday that are NOT intentionally deceptive or dishonest practices. They are most often just simple mistakes.

    You were over charged $1 for oil. Understood how frustrating that would be... I would be too. -- So you went straight to their head-office, via email, and expected THEM to resolve the situation. (?)

    In no way am I trying to sound caustic... but what are you expecting head-office to do for you? Are you expecting them to mail you a $1 refund cheque?

    Refunds are most easily processed at the store level, and to expect their corporate head office to get involved over a price error of $1 seems a bit much... especially when no attempt was made to have it corrected at the store level.

    The head-office may not know WHY the discrepancy existed AND in all fairness, to both the store AND you -- the head-office is giving the store the chance to correct it for you, quickly and most effectively. Additionally, the store is now also made aware of the error and can correct it right then and there. I don't think that is at all unreasonable to expect.

    On the other hand... HAD you brought this to the attention of the store staff and/or manager -- and had they given you some grief and REFUSED the correction, or what not... THEN a complaint to head-office might be prudent. However, I see no opportunity given to the store to have appeased you or corrected the situation. You found this error when you got home, and emailed the H-O directly.

    NOW -- I'm not saying that an incorrect price tag (for any amount, be it $1 or $10) is excusable -- Prices OUGHT to be accurate, indeed, but jumping straight to asking a company's head office to correct a $1 price discrepancy is not really prudent, do you think?

    About the CAA dollars promotion:

    I am not so sure that this was "intended deception" either. Now I dont know that I've been to your particular store in Montreal, but the promotion *I* am aware of in Quebec does not include in-store items for CAA Dollars. Perhaps there is a mis-interpretation of the CAA Dollars offer? (I'm not saying you're wrong, but the CAA Dollars program I am aware of only works toward Fuel... PAID for "in-store" vs "at the pump")

    In any event, again, asking the store on clarity on what the promotion actually entails might also be best. Maybe it's that store only, and perhaps there are limitations on what qualifies.

    Again, sometimes all we need is a bit of external perspective to see what it is we are asking for/expecting.
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    You should try calling the individual location where you went to and tell them what happened. Head offices really only get involved when you have already called the local location and local location has refused to help

    When the local location gives you that explanation you can ask for a refund
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    About not getting CAA dollars maybe the cashier didn't know how to enter the card then just pretend they scanned the card because they used to do that to me with an Airmiles card at an Airmles retailer.
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    In French, I found the CAA dollars rebate offer based on cents per litre.
    Lorsque vous êtes membre CAA, prendre votre carburant chez Couche-Tard vous donne 1 ¢, 2 ¢, et même jusqu’à 3 ¢ par litre de remise en Dollars CAA :
    · 25 à 34,99 litres : 1 ¢ par litre
    · 35 à 54,99 litres : 2 ¢ par litre
    · 55 litres et plus : 3 ¢ par litre

    Chaque 2e week-end du mois, doublez votre remise et obtenez jusqu’à 6 ¢ par litre.
    The CAA Quebec site shows the same gas offer plus mention of 20% off of Favourites.
    The actual Couche Tard offer page on CAA Quebec:
    Is motor oil considered a Favourite? Yes.
    Discount on Favorites products

    Enjoy a 20% discount on Favorites products sold at all Couche-Tard stores. They include useful products for motorists such as windshield washer fluid and motor oil, as well as everyday items such as bottled water, energy drinks, chips and candy.
    Suggest you post on Facebook for both companies to let them know what is going on with the 20% off not taken from your motor oil purchase, as well as being charged $1 more than the shelf price for the item.
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