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Thread: Cheapest car rental place in Hamilton? ++

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    That requires no credit card(do not have one). Let's you pay in cash or debit.

    We went to Enterprise and they said we can pay in debit, but they needed our credit card to add a "security deposit", meanwhile they charged our credit card instead! liars! will never return here again.Still not sure(waiting to see) if they charged us the amount of the security deposit because it was $300! I do not trust them.

    Anyone know of other car rental places that don't need a credit card?

    Distance, Hamilton-Etobicoke/Toronto.

    I know U Haul let's you pay debit or cash, but at such a distance would it be more expensive? since they charge by the km?
    Enterprise was $56/day

    Any other places where you can pay without credit card that are cheap..?
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    Any car rental place has a requirement for a credit card from the driver that will be using the vehicle. In Westdale, there is a short-term rental car program at Saigon restaurant in Westdale (cars are parked in its lot) but I'm certain you'll need a cc to take the car on a shopping trip.
    Actually there are two short-term rental car programs (for a few hours) in Hamilton.
    Zipcar (in Westdale and various places downtown)-you need a membership. It mentions you can use a debit card BUT I'd suggest seeing if you need a minimum amount of room on your dc-you may need to ensure your daily limit is high enough.

    Community carshare also requires a membership, G2 driver's licence and credit card (or will take VISA Debit).

    There's an orange car short term rental -like a mini hatchback with CIBC advertising on it. Cannot recall the name but I passed
    by the lot.
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