Tazo Tea $3.99 - CO51 $1.50 ( limited 3 boxes per favor)= $2.49

Dove Baby bar soap (old package) $1.99 - MFC $2.00 (tear pad from superstore, any dove baby product) = Free. I checked few shoppers, they are all different prices, same soap range from $1.99-$2.30 P.S. Price Check first, shelf price different than cashier checkout price.

Dove Baby body wash (old package) $2.69 -MFC $2.00 (again, price range from $2.69 - $3.70)

Save on Food this deal, you can do it in any stores.

Pork Side Ribs $1.99lbs match Loblaws, can pick any cheap fresh meat of your choice, I also use this coupon on ground pork as well.
Club House Seasoning any favor $3.00 match No Frill

Use MFC Save $3.00 on any fresh meat with purchase of any club house product
cheap meat, free seasoning