If you live in the Kingston to Belleville area, you may want to check out Country Traditions at 112 Industrial Blvd, Napanee.

They carry refrigerated, frozen, and some unfrozen food at very good prices. New stuff comes in all the time, so each time you go there, you get something new to try out.

Some things are there most of the time - for instance, they have a pulled pork pie that I just love for $3.99 most of the time, but $2.50 recently. You get four servings out of this pie, and it is fantastic. We have purchased Haagen Dazs ice cream at $1.50 per container, a huge pumpkin cheesecake for $6.99, chicken wraps for $1, and so on.

This store should be absolutely packed 100% of the time, but it is not. I have never been disappointed upon visiting there, other than those times where I find something that is incredibly good that was just a one time deal.

Highly, highly recommended.