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Thread: Let's Trade!

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    For Trade- if you see anything you like, show me your wish list, I might have something in reserve.


    $5 off any Similac (Dec.31/18)
    1x $3 BioGaia drops with vitamin D or junior chewable tablets (Dec.15/18)

    Cleaning & Laundry

    1x $2 Purex Baby Soft (dec.31/18)
    $2 Any Seventh Generation Laundry Product (Dec.5/18)
    $1 Any Seventh Generation Dish washing, liquid hand soap or cleaning product (Dec.5/18)
    1x $1 Tide, Downy or Bounce (aug.31/19) good in Canada or US


    50c Activia Probiotic 8 x 93ml (Dec.31/18)
    $1 4L Dairyland Organic Milk (Sept.30/18)
    50c Danone Danino 8 x 93ml (Dec.31/18)
    $1 Tim Hotons 20-72 count tea (oct.31/18)
    $1.50 Any Tim Hortons Tea 20-72 ct (Dec.31/18)
    $1 Folgers 30 ct K-cups or 750-920g coffee (April 30/19)
    $1 Nescafe Gold Pods (Oct.31/18)


    $1 All Bran granola or cereal (Dec.31/18)
    $1 Adam's Natural Peanut Butter (April 30/19)
    75c Alphabits (nov.14/18)
    $1 Any Armstrong cheese sticks (Oct.31/18)
    $1 Any Astro Authenticos (sept.30/18)
    75c any Barilla pasta (Dec.31/18)
    $1 any Bertolli Pasta Sauce (Feb.28/19)
    $1 Breyer's Delights (sept 30/18)
    $1 Burnbae Egg Bakes (June 30/19)
    $1 Cavendish Farms product 454g or higher (Oct.31/18)
    $1 Cracker Barrel Slices (200-240G) or Snacks (168g) (Dec.31.18)
    50c Danone Oikos Triple Zero 750g (Dec.31/18)
    50c Danone Creamy 16 x 100g (Dec.31/18)
    $1 WUB 2 Eagle Brand products (sept 30/18)
    $1 Eggo waffles (sept.30/18)
    $1 Heinz Seriously Good Mayo (sept.30/18)
    75c Iogo Protein any (aug.30/18)
    $1 Liberte Skyr (Mar.31/19)
    $1 MapleLodge Chicken smokies/spicy frankfurters (sept.30/18)
    $3 Nutiva Organic Coconut Oil 444ml (sept.30/18)
    50c Philedalphia Whipped Red Pepper or Tzatziki (sept 30/18)
    50c Renee's Dressing (sept.30/18)
    $1 Uncle Ben's (excludes fast & fancy) (dec.30/18)
    $1 Zabiha Halal product (June 30/19)


    $3 Any Aleve 30 ct or higher (Sept.30/18)
    $2 Bandaid Skinflex, Tough Strips or Hydro seal (sept.30/18)
    $2 Bandaid + Polysporin (sept.30/18)
    $3 any Claritin 30+tabs (sept.30/18)
    $2 Icy Hot Advanced (Dec.31/18)

    $10 mail in rebate when you spend $40 on Hill's Science Diet (Sept 30/18-postmark by Oct.30/18)
    $3 Kibbles 'n Bits Dog Food 5.5kg and up (Dec.31/18)

    Personal Care

    $3 WUB Any 2 Axe, St. Ives or deodorant and Antiperspirant from Dove, Dove Men + Care or Degree- excludes travel and trial sizes (Dec.6/18)
    $2 Any Biore Acne product (dec.31/18)
    $2 Any Biore product (April.30/19)
    $2 Crest Gum Detoxify, 3D White Whitening Therapy or Brilliance toothpaste (Aug.31/19) (Nov.30/18)
    $2 Any Dr. Scholl's Orthotics (dec/31/18)
    Live Clean Fresh Face $1 or $2.50 WUB 2 (NED)
    $1 Any Nivea Deodorant (Nov.30/18)
    25c One Step Sanitizer- travel size (NED)
    75c One Step Sanitizer- full size (NED)
    $1.50 Schick Disposable razor, Edge of Skintimate Shave gel (sept.30/18)
    1x $7 Tena (Jan.31/19)
    1x $14 Tena (Jan.31/19)
    1x $5 Vichy Mineral 89 (dec.31/18)


    $3 Any John Freida (Dec 31/18)
    $4 Any John Frieda (excl. 30 & 45ml) Dec.31/18)
    30c Down Under Naturals (NED)
    $3 Any Love, Beauty & Planet Shampoo or Conditioner (sept.20/18)
    $2 Any Loreal Hair Expertise Product (Dc.31/18)


    Driscoll's codes
    Airwick Freshmatic MIR (Oct.14/18)
    McDonalds Coffee card


    Cineplex movie snacks
    $1 Black River Angus
    Old Dutch/Lays/ruffles/tostitos
    Wonderbread (WUB 2 ok)
    Pepsi/coke/Shcweppes/Canada Dry
    $$ Nestle Ice Cream
    $4 Chapmans
    Lean Cuisine
    Marktplace Cuisine
    Weight watchers entree
    Other frozen meals (stouffers, etc)
    $ off produce (WUB OK)
    $ off meat (WUB OK)
    $5 Marc Angelo
    BOGO or $$ off Schneiders
    Dare Bear paws/any
    Triscuit crackers (or any Christie crackers)
    Ritz crackers/bitz/sandwiches
    Kelloggs (good on any)
    Hamburger Helper
    Hunts Snack Pack
    just about any food FPC's
    tomatoes/paste (Aylmer accents ok)
    Chef Boyardee
    FPC Pespi or Coke
    Any fruit or veggies coupons
    $$$ off Kraft products
    Motts Fruitsations applesauce(veggie ok)
    Black Diamond cheese slices
    Armstrong cheese
    GC's (walmart,safeway,superstore)
    Canadian Tire $$
    FPC Iams or Perfect Portions
    $1 or $2 Johsonville
    $4 Janes or $2 fish
    Busch's Beans- 50c or $1
    Alcan foil
    $1 Marc Angelo Deli meat
    frozen pizzas
    pampers points
    $1 WUB 1 Knorr soup or bullion
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