We purchased a Beachcomber Hot Tub from a dealer last year. We have had several problems with and so far we have not had any response from Beachcomber in regards to our issues. We informed Beachcomber when the hot tub was only 5 months old that we were having problems. It has been 14 months now and we still have no resolution to the problems below.

The first problem is that the LED Lights stopped working. One of the lights stopped working in and then a second one stopped. We paid extra to have this feature. The dealer came to fix them for us. The only way for them to be replaced is by taking the siding off of the hot tub. The problem is that the siding is not meant to come off. The siding was damaged when it was removed. We still have one light that is not working and they need to drain the tub and then move it out to replace the lights. We will then have more damage on the tub.

If this was the only problem with this hot tub - I would not have complained. However, the motor is having problems as well. The motor for the foot jets surges when it is on. It will reduce power to 20% - 30% and then come back on full power. It will do this every couple of minutes. I called Beachcomber to let them know about the issue when the tub was 5 months old. They said that the foot jets could get air into the sucker intake on the side of the hot tub. I have tried to aim the jets in a different direction and the problem persists. Either - this is a known problem and Beachcomber should not be selling this hot tub with this defect. Or, they don't know what is wrong and don't want to fix it. The Hot Tub Model is the 540. It is very upsetting to have a hot tub for less then a year and the jets surge on and off when you are using it.

We purchased this hot tub to buy Canadian and because I had heard that it was a good company. However, I am very disappointed with the hot tub and wish that I had purchased a different brand. I have asked Beachcomber to replace the hot tub and they have refused. The company does not stand behind the products.

Buyer BEWARE!!