Here's a tip next time you hire a trainer. There are online database where you can verify if someone is a certified trainer

I know at least 2 out of 5 trainers at Century Gardens Recreation Centre who aren't certified personal trainers but they say they are. Below are their profile posted on the wall. Feel free to look them up on the database. They aren't on any of them.
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I even called those organization in case there is a mistake. So I thought these men lied on their resume and their managers were unaware of it. But when I made the complaint, they sent me to a meeting with the District Manager and the HR. They both said that they are satisfied with the employee credentials and that it is confidential matters and unable to discuss further. They would not say directly whether they are certified or not. Pretty sketchy, wouldn't you say?

Rec Centres have always proud themselves of hiring only CanFitPro certified or equivalent, they will tell you so when you buy a membership. But they have employed these men since 2012. I've only know of one centre. From the conversation with the HR person, she seems to think that since it is confidential, customers would never find out. So the problem might be in other other centres as well. I have complained for 2 years and they still hire non-certified trainers, probably to cut cost.

I don't get why employee credentials is confidential when they proudly post the fake one on the walls.

If the government is lying to us, I have no confident private gyms would do things by the book. So be careful and verify online before you hire anyone. I have been injured and had pain for 18 pains. Going to the gym turned out to be the worst health decision in my life.