Hello avid readers;
I'm trying to arrange a Toronto & area book exchange get together for ideally this month.
This is mainly due to the sad news that GoodReads giveaways have dried up since the spring. (https://forum.smartcanucks.ca/2233-c...n-canada-1394/) They won't be giving away as many books to us Canucks anymore.
So if you're like me, you have a LOT of books from 2018 (and 2017), but won't be winning any more from GoodReads. So I thought, why don't we meet and have a book exchange?
If there's an interest, I can share my list of books I have to exchange, and list what books I'd be interested in reading.
It's not limited to GoodReads books you won, it can be any new books from ideally this year &/or last year that you won't be reading again, and would like to exchange.
What do you think?