Hi all,. I've been shopping around for a motorized TV lift for the last week and am having difficulty deciding what way to go.

Without sharing links to specific models here I'll give you an idea of what I am looking for. I want a lift that is affordable, read not $1000+.
It needs to support a Sony XBR49X700D TV (49 inch for those unfamiliar with Sony model #s) which is VESA 200 x 200, fairly light (30lbs) and 25 inches tall. I want to place it directly behind (read not in) a cabinet against a wall so I am not obstructing a painting in my main room. The cabinet is 30 inches tall so I want the TV lift to be hidden behind the cabinet if possible.

There are two on amazon.ca that are under $400 but the info there about their dimensions does not seem complete enough to inspire confidence about the height. Amazon on the US has many options but who knows what happens with importing fees and delays for something heavy like this (the motor).

Any suggestions of where I should look and or anyone spot any black Friday or cyber monday deals I should look for?
Fire me anything you've got.