I found a great deal on Coffee Crisp, AERO, Kit Kat 4-pack for $2.48 each.These would make great stocking stuffers or just stuffing yourself. I've been monitoring these for a couple of weeks and they have been over $4 each. I had the Kit Kat in my cart and when I logged in yesterday morning, I had a notify that the price has changed to $2.48! Normally, a single bar would cost about .99 each. So I bought 6 Kit Kat, 3 Coffee Crisp, 3 AERO to give to family and friends. Even though it is an Add-On, it lets you buy multiples.If you buy $35 worth of everyday essentials, you get 10% off.I ordered these yesterday morning and got it today at 4:00. 30 hours delivery. This the fastest ever from amazon.ca.