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Thread: Shoppers Drug Mart (ON, gta) Feb 9 - 14

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    Hey, thank you for the comments last week -- they really did chuff me up. I was completely zonkered, and reading the comments truly boosted the spirit. I cannot emphasize enough how much I appreciate the cheering.

    Also, thanks for confirming that SDM doesn't show up online until later -- I thought that might be the case. Sometimes I wonder if there's much value in posting the sneak peaks now that many of them are "live" Tues/Wed night. I can see how they helped when flyers were live Friday, but now that most have moved to Thursday and the stores put the online flyers out a day earlier, there's less of the sneaking...mehhh, SDM has many Coffee Patrons, I'll try to keep posting it.

    (Unless more photos are "borrowed" $#%^&*, ahem, by other sites...)

    Anyway...spend $50, get 10K PCO points on David's Tea gc, to be awarded by March 8/19

    Happy Lunar New Year to those who celebrate!

    Happy Coffee Daze...always!
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    Thanks Cyn you are the bestest

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    My sale price on many items. May be worth the extra redemption this time around for me.

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    Thank you!

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    Thank you very much my much

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    Heads up that flyer goes until Thursday this week, not Friday.
    @cyn88canada , I think there are many of us here that spend Tuesdays/Tuesday evenings putting together lists for the following week based on your posts. A big part of that is whether we are better to shop on Wednesday, the last day of the sales or wait until Thursday. Yes, without your posts we can stay up to midnight to put it together (except Shoppers and Rexall) or scrabble Wednesday morning. It is so much easier because of your posts. So, again, thank you!
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