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    This train is sort of like VWT only without the wishlists. I will take 5 riders and myself as the 6th.

    Rules :

    Fill an envie with $20 good coupons. No web, print, french or store specific. Be creative you don't have to send call-ins or any coupons like that unless you wish to.

    All Expiries April 31/2019 or later.

    PM addresses to me to get a seat ( I will email my addy when everyone has boarded.)

    BP is 4 unused stamps or 3 unused stamps and 2 WL coupons. ( your envie will be sent back to you using your BP.)

    How Train Works :

    I will pick 1 rider and 1 envie each day. The rider will then have 24hrs to choose to keep the envie or exchange it with one of the other riders. Example: As the train conductor I will pick the first envie. The next day rider picked can either keep their envie or exchange it with mine.
    I will then send all envies to each rider when train is done.

    Wishlist :

    $2 Jack Links late expiry only

    Chapman's $4
    Eggs cartons only
    Coke/Pepsi pop
    Friskies dry cat food or Purina call-ins
    Friskies/Fancy Feast/Whiskas wet cat food (No Iams) or Purina call-ins
    Tidy cat litter good on any or Purina call-ins
    Arm & Hammer Laundry soap
    Palmolive or Dawn dishsoap
    Fresh produce
    Fresh meat
    Armstrong Cheese blocks
    Black Diamond or Kraft cheese slices
    Kraft Mayo
    Tylenol good on any
    $4 Advil extra strength ( only need 2) April expiry or later
    Almost any call in or FPC (food or pet), let me know what you have
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