So, we have an excellent unlimited call/text within Canada rate with our mobility carrier $35/mo. And we needed about a week’s worth of data. So I called them up to see what they could do. They advised it would not be a good idea to add the data on because when we decided to go back to no data - we wouldn’t get our rate back.

After several hours of searching, asking questions with various carriers - we figured Fido would be our best bet @ $50/month - to get several gigs of data - and we would just cancel it when we were done.

We sauntered into the mall the next day to get the sim card etc etc. Imagine our surprise when they announced that there was a little known ‘back door’ option offering 3GB (right now - usually it is 2GB) of data for $15/mo -and if we go over -it’s just $10/GB.

Saves us over $50 with our carrier - and I think if we want to activate the sim card in the future - it looks like there is no fee.

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